Sunday, September 28, 2014

I'm Adopted!

Stu went home today with an awesome family from Vancouver Washington... He even has two human siblings that are so excited t and a couple of Rat Terriers that live across the street.  He has so much love and fun in store for him and he deserves it!  Best Wishes Mr. Stu Pickles!

 My last pictures with Stu - he was snuggling in the crook of my arm with his feet up in a funny position... So adorable! I'm gonna miss this little guy and his snuggle ways but he's going to have so much love and fun with his new family!  He'a a lucky boy!

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stu Plays while Spencer Sleeps

Spencer's appetite has really improved... When he first came, he ate really slow, easily scared away from his food and just unsure at getting a dish of food... Pretty common with some of the foster dogs when they first come and always a little heart breaking.. But after his surgery and no food for almost 24 hours - he's was super hungry and dug right in - not crazy, but normal and now that has seemed to kick in and he is able to relax and settle and eat a meal. 

Spencer grabbing a snooze while practically sitting up...

So since Spencer is on light play duty, Cassie took Stu over again to play with Honey.  They love each other and he isn't scared of her a bit... He's kind of even bossy, letting Honey know when he has had enough or needs a break. 

Friday, September 26, 2014

Spencer and Stu

Stu's surgery went fine and he is quickly recovering.. While we can give him some cone free time - he really does need the cone to prevent him from messing with his stitches.  He also had his rear dew claws removed so his back legs are bandaged too.. He looks a little banged up with the cone and bandages, but it's not slowing him down a bit and we've had to keep him from jumping too much and trying to play too much with Stu.

He's also starting to trust us and coming to us for pets and we even got our first belly show - so it's all good - can't wait for him to be out of the cone and all healed up!

he says - NO CONE for me!

 He has the sweetest little face and just dreamy eyes i think... He loves having his chin scratched!

 So meanwhile...I think Stu is channeling his inner cat... He's figure out how to get to the ledge of the window from my chair and likes to check out the action...especially when he's not a part of it! 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Cuteness of Stu

While Spencer is busy recovering, I thought we could use some cute Stu pics... He's a pretty cute guy with gorgeous eyes... Just full of sweetness with a touch of trouble :) 

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

When Sasha's Away, Stu and Spencer Play!

I think Stu's watching Sasha knowing she's gets upset when they get too feisty - we call her a fun sponge cause she doesn't like the fosters having too much fun and will go break up the fun if they get too rowdy!

Sasha's napping... Let's do this!
They love to play!

now he's learned his own "Sasha" fun sponge look...
These boys do like to play though Spencer can outplay Stu and we have to make sure to give Stu some space for rest and just hanging out.. The playing will be done for while now while Spencer heals up from his surgery so I'm glad they had a chance to get some good times in!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Meet Spencer!

Spencer is busy settling in.. He quickly learned the doggie door with the help of Stu and Sasha going in and our though he still needs to be taken out for potty reminders.  He's got some long legs on him and he's goofy and a little puppy-ish still running around.  Shys away sometimes still but he's slowing getting more comfortable with people.  He got cuddles last night from the neighbor girl who is 9 and while unsure at first, he quickly settled in for those neck scratches!  He's just busy trying to find his place in this new household... And Tuesday he's off for his neuter surgery so he's got quite a week in store for him. 

Sunday, September 21, 2014


Everyone had a busy day playing and a friend brought them tasty bones to gnaw on and now they are all just tuckered out...

Saturday, September 20, 2014

And Then Came Spencer...

Spencer arrived today with the help of NR volunteer Alex and his NR alum Corwin!  While a little nervous at all the newness, he found a buddy in Stu to sniff, pee and play with... What more could a boy want?

A walk in Cle Elum shows he's new to the leash with his crazy hop spins and then bite the leash antics and also occasionally trying to roll the leash off.  Then Stu found himself some horse poop to roll in and even grabbed a tasty snack of it before being pulled away from all that goodness... So both boys got a bath when we got home...
 New experience for my dad walking Stu who was trying to convince him that he just HAD to pee on everything if not once, then twice.. :)
 While both boys did great getting their bath (Stu seems to be getting the hang of "bath time") - what they loved was promptly finding some good stuff in the backyard to roll in (sigh)

Cassie's happy... two dogs she can hold together!

Friday, September 19, 2014


 Just some cuteness of Stu
naughty..this is Sasha's favorite toy and he's playing with it while she's napping... :)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

No more Plastic Cone!

He's really a handsome pup!  and I love the little diamondish thing on his nose.. it's very kissable!  You can tell he's feeling better these days - he's a little more active and likes to play more.  He's not crazy over active, but he's got some energy to him that he can run out. 

Stu has come out of his cone and is onto a procollar - he's getting lots of breaks from it but at night it goes on just to make sure he finishes up healing.  I'm not sure he's impressed with it, but it's gotta feel better than the cone! He should get this off in just a few more days.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

New Pals!

Stu got a break from the cone and we went over to my friends yard to hang out and let the dogs and the kids play on just a nice summer evening... Stu had so much fun he didn't what or who to play with... Two little boys to chase and throw balls for him... Roxie a little white scruffy terrier to chase and try to get the ball from - or Howie, the italian greyhound who he just really seemed to dig. :)

We had Stu on a long line so he could play and get his run on (and he did) and Stu came home a tired but happy pup.  We look forward to more fun times with these guys! :)

 Stu hanging out with Sean and George - resting up before the next game of chase!

sometimes running by yourself is fun too!
don't mind me!

hey!  she's touching me!
my favorite picture - can his mouth get any bigger?  he's getting ready to take that ball!
a little dance at sunset!

nothing like a new friend to help you watch the going ons in the neighborhood

Monday, September 15, 2014

Stu's Walkabout...

We were up in Cle Elum yesterday and took Stu for a little walk...He was in heaven... so many things to see and smell!  He did pretty super on the leash and while we didn't see anyone else walking; on the way back Stu managed to see a mole/prarie dog and then he was a mole watch the whole way back!  (no more spotted though)

We were walking on an old railroad....
Stu says, only 2087 miles to Chicago - let's go!

So tired, he fell asleep with his head in the car trash can - one tired pup!