Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dollar Bills Ya'All!

Look at Ms Innocent here... She sure is cute!  She has finally decided my neighbor is good people and now will sit in her lap and get pets!  It took awhile but she got there!  The picture below on the right is when she stayed overnight at Kimberlee's house!  It's a busy house, with a dog, cats and kids and she did well staying on the couch and then venturing out on the floor during the calm periods!  She sure has come a long way! 

Sylvia tried her best to eat some money!  She's got a bit of a paper fetish but this she grabbed out of my purse when it was sticking out a bit... Luckily I found the other piece and no harm done but she reminded me to keep my money tucked away!  She's just got expensive paper taste!

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