Thursday, May 1, 2014

Happy Pet Store!

Another trip to the pet store.. I think this is our 4th trip.. I call this one a success with the help of a THUNDERSHIRT! (awesomely donated by Thundershirt to New Rattitude for our fosters).  It's a tight little vest that helps with anxiety among other things... for Syvlia it really worked for going to the  big pet store, which was just super stressful for her last time.)

She rode in the car like a champ - little nervous, but not shaky nervous like before and without the Thundershirt....

At the store, she was able to wander around, check out the sights and go from tile surface to tile surface with no problems.  She just needed to go slow and lots of check ins.  No melt downs and no giving up.. I held her for about 5 minutes of the trip in the middle but was able to set her down again and she was off exploring.   Her ears and tail where down, but her tail was waggin a mile a minute during her time in the store!

WAY TO GO!  So proud of Sylvia and how far she has come!

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