Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Visiting Western WA!

I'm over in Seattle this week for work and I brought both Sylvia and Sheriff with me.  A friend and her daughter Isa came over and Sheriff was in heaven!  Sylvia not so much but I also brought her snuggle bed so she had a safe spot to relax and take in everything... of course then Sheriff had to jump in the snuggle bed too...sigh

Sylvia wasn't all pleased, but but all was good and they are doing well in the hotel with regular outings...Sheriff loves meeting all the new people and you have to hold him back or he will go running to the next new person whether they want to meet him or not (though most do)!  Sylvia, more laid back, but she is loving exploring all the trees and bushes - new sights and new smells!

A fun picture from back in Yakima... Sheriff trying to look ferocious!

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