Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sheriff Arrives...

Sylvia got herself a new foster brother today.. A little 8lb puppy we have named Sheriff... and much like his namesake - he is showing himself to be an easy going happy little guy.

When he got to Yakima, he was happy to out of his crate and went to exploring his new surrounding without missing a beat... He's engaged Sylvia in trying to play with each other, buy so far, they just steal toys back and forth from each other...

He got a bath (no problems), meet the neighbor dog and kids and was just as excited as they were to play with them... He's got cute little puppy paws, sometimes is a little clumsy, skidding on the floor or bumping into a thing or two, but he just moves on... He also seems to be bring Sylvia out of her shell a bit, though I think she would like him to quit finding where she is hiding her toys!

 I named this little guy after my friends dog who sadly lost his battle against a liver tumor this month.. Sheriff was a great big dog ambassador to most of my New Rattitude fosters.  He was great at showing them that big dog can be fun to play with (and liked to drool on the occasional boy dog that I brought over...).  I've known him since he was puppy, he was a sweetheart and he will be missed!  You got a lot to live up to little one!

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