Monday, March 3, 2014

Loving the Snow

Sylvia is one of the more nervous dogs I've fostered.  It seems to me that she's not used to or comfortable with living life indoors.  She doesn't like the tile to walk on, preferring carpet.  She's awkward and stiff when you hold her.  She will wait until her lips are sticking to her teeth before getting a drink of water, which I tend to bring to her now rather that have her be thirsty... That being said, she's a little love muffin and wants to and does connect to people, she's just nervous and not very good at it.  :)  So it's extra special, when you see your nervous little one let loose and just enjoy herself...

I've seen brief glimpses of her relaxed when we are outside... but when the snow came yesterday, WOW... There is the Sylvia that she can be, should be, will be someday.  So happy and herself without a worry in the world... Turns out, she not only loves to run and jump in snow, but she'll tumble, stick her nose it in, eat it and chase snowballs!  She's a goofy adorable runner... Needless to say, we spend a lot of time outdoors yesterday!

Sasha is teaching her to be a nosy neighbor

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