Monday, March 31, 2014

Sylvia and Sheriff

He's a jumpy little guy but Sylvia is more of a hind leg stander.. Both are equally cute I think

 A couple jumps on Sasha while she was sleeping on the couch and he quickly has learned to look before jumping!  Sylvia and Sheriff are becoming buddies though Sylvia will tell him when she's had enough, though she doesn't object to sharing her snuggle snack with the new puppy... And he looks happy to be included!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sheriff Arrives...

Sylvia got herself a new foster brother today.. A little 8lb puppy we have named Sheriff... and much like his namesake - he is showing himself to be an easy going happy little guy.

When he got to Yakima, he was happy to out of his crate and went to exploring his new surrounding without missing a beat... He's engaged Sylvia in trying to play with each other, buy so far, they just steal toys back and forth from each other...

He got a bath (no problems), meet the neighbor dog and kids and was just as excited as they were to play with them... He's got cute little puppy paws, sometimes is a little clumsy, skidding on the floor or bumping into a thing or two, but he just moves on... He also seems to be bring Sylvia out of her shell a bit, though I think she would like him to quit finding where she is hiding her toys!

 I named this little guy after my friends dog who sadly lost his battle against a liver tumor this month.. Sheriff was a great big dog ambassador to most of my New Rattitude fosters.  He was great at showing them that big dog can be fun to play with (and liked to drool on the occasional boy dog that I brought over...).  I've known him since he was puppy, he was a sweetheart and he will be missed!  You got a lot to live up to little one!

Leaf Day!

So we still had quite a bit of leaves in the yard from fall... Most wound up in the corner and while Sylvia was worried about some of the raking going on, soon enough with the help of Cassie, her favorite playmate.. She learned the joy of jumping and playing in leaves!   I'm sad that the leaves are gone cause she really did love playing in them...
Want to see just how much she loved the leaf pile - check out the videos below!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Favorite Spot!

I really think she's coming to enjoy picture time... especially when she is in her favorite spot in the whole world which is this lovely dog bed from Costco...  She's starting to bring her toys, treats (and the occasional sock or slippers) into her spot and it's where she runs too when she's nervous... When we are picking up.. We just pick the bed up with her in it, put it on the floor, clean up whatever's on the couch and then put it back... She just never moves in it...

Friday, March 28, 2014


Sylvia has been slowly playing inside the house... I try not to act like I'm paying to much attention cause otherwise she will come to me and stop playing...

Last night it was playing with the snuggle sack.. She dragged it, tossed it, nibbled it... tried to sit on it and in it and bit by bit figured it out found out she can lay in it and play with it too!
 AHHH...sweet snuggles for Sylvia and she can nibble too!

 It sure it fun watching her play a little bit more freer each day... Especially indoors where she is learning it is safe and okay to just be herself!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Rub My Belly!!!!

Cassie was lucky girl who got to be the first to get a full belly from Sylvia... Of course it was outside and in the sunshine where she is most happy and happy she looks like too!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Fun in the Sun

So while the petstore visit might not have been Sylvia's favorite to do... Playing outside sure is!  She is at ease and will also play a little fetch!  She loves running after things and bringing them back to you (sorta)... I caught her outside actually rolling around but she stopped when she caught me watching her!  So I just spending some time playing on the grass with her and watching her being goofy and happy

Monday, March 24, 2014

Pet Store Nerves

Another trip to the pet store... "somehow" her collar got torn or chewed so we were off to get a new one... She had a tough trip.. it was a busy Saturday and lots of activity and she was hesitant and nervous.. She really didn't like the changes in the floor that she encountered and had a tough time...So we parked it in the toy aisle and just played while Cassie visited the kitties....
 Then she got a ride from Cassie through the rest of the store, where she felt a little safer and we quickly got her a new collar... It's amazing how far she has come, but she's still nervous out and about and easily overwhelmed... We'll keep trying but smaller baby steps for her...
 At home in her snuggle bed.. her favorite stop in the whole world... The slippers mysteriously appeared in her bed... I say she's a bit of shoe/sock thief.. They do seem  find their way into her bed!

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Photo Shoot!

Got some beautiful pictures of Sylvia last time in her snuggle sack... You have to remember to turn the sound off, she doesn't like the noise it make and runs away, but when it's on silence, she is quite model!

It seems every day her ear carriage is higher.. Maybe someday she will get them straight up, but I like her moving ears... They are really expressive and tells me how she is feeling!

 The picture above started with the pictures below... it was like she was getting into prime picture taking!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Bully Stick Time!

Sylvia continues on her path of learning to live in a house and trust us... a bully stick goes a long way!

She now is getting her own water at the water bowl whenever she feels, she will go outside whenever she needs to and while there is still a blanket on the floor for her, it's becoming less of a need.    She still have the button ears but they are getting higher and higher. 

Everytime she does something brave, Cassie and I just go still and whisper excitedly to each other, trying to not let her know it's a big deal and distract her.. just like a kid taking her first step... It has been exciting to watch her....

This week, she  jumped up on my lap once for snuggles as I was sitting in the easy char... Big move for her!  I say she more than earned her bully stick!

My favorite picks is her trying to hide her bully stick chewing from the camera... She wanted to keep an eye on me, but I think was done with the picture taking! How freakin' cute is she?   She still spends most of her time in the snuggle bed when in the house, but who can blame her?  It's all warm and cosy!

Monday, March 17, 2014

My New Gardener!

Nice warm day and Syvlia found my little garden with warm dirt... She dug in it a bit, jumped in in, ran around it, rolled in it and then took a nap on it.. I think it's officially her spot now... Next up..bathtime!
I've taken to calling her "wigglebutt"...she runs to you all wiggling...she will lick and play with your hand...then run away...then wiggle her way back and on and on... It's pretty cute...and I'm waiting for the day she jumps up in my lap but until then, we will just wiggle on!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Weekend Fun!

Took Sylvia over to a friends house who is a vet tech for her microchipping...  She was worried about why she was there and didn't like the tile, but she handled the chipping like a champ and quickly forgot about it...A few licks and sniffs to Holly's hand afterwards even...

 She was worried about Holly's sweet BIG dog Emery.. Emery is a sweetie and was interested but Sylvia wasn't sure...

 Until Emery was chasing tennis balls!  Sylvia liked being outside and liked to just run with Emery who is just obsessed with tennis balls...
 After all that running, it was time to rest!  It was a nice sunny warm day and she did great and deserved a rest!!
 Cassie, who has been gone for a week, came back this week and can really tells the difference in Sylvia, how she is less nervous and more playful... and tonight, she actually walked over to water bowl and got herself some water!  (I have been leaving a water dish by her bed, but it was empty)... Sylvia also is loving that Cassie is back cause she is getting extra PLAYTIME!!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snuggles all around!

Lounging in her snuggle bed... Somehow she is adding blankets to snuggle in...they just seem to be multiplying and it's becoming quite her nest...
 Took her over to the neighbors last night and while she didn't want anything to do with their super friendly dog, she was also worried about my friends daughters who was doing cartwheels, she willingly jumped into my lap to watch everything going on and I would say was pretty relaxed in the safety of my lap, even fine with everyone petting her occasionally... baby steps forward for Sylvia!

I then ruined it later by vacuuming... She was in my room so I thought I could vacuum the living room but the noise scared her and she zoomed right through the living room, over the tile (gasp) and outside since the door was open... She came back in when the noise shut off and rested on a blanket in the dining room until she felt safe (treats didn't hurt either).  She doesn't seem to be bothered by the vacuum itself but it's likely she never heard it before....