Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome Sylvia!

Little, 8 lb, 6 month old Sylvia has arrived!  She was fostered for a week by another foster parent who took super good care of her and got to know her a bit.  I'm sure the transition to my house was scary too, but we have been giving her time to settle in at her pace...  She has super great spots, both big and a bunch of tiny ones too.. she's super soft and likes to give kisses and snuggle!   She's a little slinky in that she is nervous but will stretch out and slowly slink to me to get some cuddles. Goal:  to see those ears and tail come up!

Look at this ADORABLE picture that Carol got of her... such a cutie with those ears!  Come see some pictures that Carol too of too at:  Sylvia!

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