Thursday, December 12, 2013

I'm Adopted!

So you all knew it had to happen.. but Stella has found her home and wait for it... It's in YAKIMA!!!!  We get to still be neighbors (sorta)... She is going to a couple of wonderful parents and not one dog sibling, but three!  two are her size and shape even!  There is a cat and also some chickens!  She's got to meet her new parents and sibling already and did great.. a little nervous but great!  And her new backyard is big and awesome!  She's going to be one happy little girl and well loved!  and early Happy Christmas to her!

Here she is checking out the Christmas tree with one of her siblings... tail down.. a little nervous, but it's coming up... It's so cute, they are the same size!  His name is Bear.. he is a terrier mix... beautiful eyes! I wish I had gotten more picutres of all of them.. It's an adorable family that Stella is getting!

And too not stay sad for too long.. a new foster will be arriving next weekend... Sandy is a 1 year

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