Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Google+ Awesome Video

Google made this video for me - called Google + Auto Awesome ...out of my photos that i have uploaded to Google+ Not sure how it decided to pick which pictures or if I should be worried or not that's its making videos for me..but it was fun to watch the video not knowing what it was going to show.  Mostly the puppies Sawyer and Skye, Stella is in there, Sprite, Skittleman and then Sebastian (my first foster) was in the mix.  It was sweet and I do appreciate the Ice Coffee recipe that I took a picture of from a magazine this summer, that is right in the middle of all the dogs pics.. pretty much sums up a great portion of my dailly life.. dogs and coffee...coffee and dogs oh and some more coffee and dogs... so Thanks Google, you are forgiven (but I'm keeping my eye on you!)  Enjoy!

Farewell 2013

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