Sunday, November 3, 2013


She's here!  I feel like I haven't fostered in FOREVER!  And what a welcome back.. Stella  is sweet little thing, about 1 year old and 14 lbs.... She's got tiny thick little legs, but she's a jumper and can get to where ever she needs to go.

First it was bath time... She didn't like the water on her, but loved the shampooing/massaging!  
    Soon all was forgiven after drying off and getting snuggles
And Cassie got some kisses!
 So she's shy and nervous, goes flat on the ground or belly up if she thinks she did something something wrong (or you are too loud) but she'll get more relaxed in the coming days...But she also loves a good belly rub and sitting next to you. 

She also quite enjoyed watching silly Facebook dog videos with me tonight, fun times!

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