Friday, November 8, 2013

Busy Week

I've had a busy week, traveling twice over to the westside, so not much posting, but we have been busy getting to know Stella...

She's got a great little mix of color on her neck right here.. It's super pretty and she loves to have neck scritches!  (but who doesn't really?)

 She still finds herself getting scared and laying on the ground, but she's learning to to mellow out be part of the group and doesn't mind joining in on the "nap on the couch" time too. 

She's learning the doggie door, she knows how to go in and out, and hangs out by the door when she needs to potty.  She needs encouragement and regular trips actually going out.  I have to sometimes close the door so she doesn't run back in right away, but a few minutes and she gets to business.... She'll have it down in the next week I'm sure. 

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