Sunday, September 1, 2013

Road to Recovery

 Sawyer, quickly earned himself a cone shortly after coming home from his vet visit.  But other than that, he is doing well.  Other than some soreness, he is tail waggin', happy to be home and we have had to hold him back from playing with his sister.

I did hear from the vet that he was a bit of a whiner when he woke up, but quickly settled when he was put in the same space as his sister.  I can image that was scary, waking up sore without his sister, wondering what was going on, so I don't blame him.

He isn't a fan of the cone (who is?), but he can eat, drink and play.  He still wants to give you kisses, so we have to maneuver a bit to not get smacked by the cone! 

 Skye mostly slept yesterday, with occasional trips outside.  She was happy went she finally got to eat but she's mostly taking it easy and getting some good naps in. No cone for her on Friday but once she woke up and got a bit active, it was time for her too... but she got a pro-collar...

Sasha is really be sweet on them - she even tolerated some "I'm happy to see you again" muzzle licks when they first got home. And it's kind of funny to watch her sniff them and them not appreciate it.. turn about it's fair play after all, they get sneaky (or not so sneaky) sniffs in all the time!

Other news.. the potty training is moving along really well, and sleeping in separate crates has been quiet too which is great.. Last night, they got some exposure to the vacuum cleaner and while Skye hid out in the crate, Sawyer (with the aid of Sasha who is isn't bothered in the least), got brave and hung around (up on the couch) to survey the activity!

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