Monday, September 9, 2013

Play, Fight or Bark - too many choices!

Skye isn't sure what to make of our cat (Sarah).  Sarah mostly hangs out in Cassie's room where we have a baby gate up so she has a free safe space that she can always go to anyway from the dogs. 
In this video, Cassie is in there playing with Sarah and the puppies want to watch.  Skye wants to do a little barking, but they get distracted and play with each other too. Hysterical!  My favorite part - synchronized tail for it!

We are working with Skye and her barking at the cat by taking her in, playing and giving treats around Sarah so she can see that kitty cats are not anything she needs to be worried about.. Sawyer has gone in there too, but he's not really interested in the cat at all - more interested in her FOOD! 

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