Friday, September 6, 2013

Another Trip to a Pet Store!

So Sawyer and Skye got to make yet another trip to the pet store, but this one is a smaller, independent pet store called Pet Pantry.  I love this pet store and the people that work there! 

Sawyer and Skye are now old pro's at visiting the pet store... Lots of greats and sniffing. No worries from them at all during this visit.  Skye hung back for a few when meeting pepple there but even she could not resist running up to meet a staff person for some pets.   I didn't get any pictures, but Sawyer was quite taken with the pet store dog Spot and they did some playing too!

Time to home came soon so they got to try out the doggie booster seat and together!  They were actually pretty good riders and didn't whine other than the first few minutes as they figure out where and how to did.  Admittedly they are pretty cute when they were laying down and about all you could see was ears (OMG - how cute will that be when their ears stand up too!)

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