Saturday, August 10, 2013

Sissy loves...

Found a way to get Sissy all besides herself and more focused on anything other than her  nerves.. drumroll... dehydrated beef hearts by Evangers!!!!... It sounds gross, right?  It looks gross (luckily doesn't smell gross, but I also didn't take a big whiff)...

 I gave her a small piece just thinking I would work with her on touch, see if she knew how to response to "sit", see if she would focus on these treats better.  She's had treats before, but this was different... She crunched down on a piece, looked me, eye got big - I felt like she was thinking.. OMG - what was that wonderful taste and may I have some more??? YUMMM.. she followed me all over the house, eyes wide.  She crawled up on me when I put a piece in my hand before I could even reach down to offer it.... She also sat a few times for me (though I don't think she really was listening), just whatever got her those tasty treats!  She didn't even care that I grabbed the camera for some blurry pictures as long as she might get another treat...

 I've never seen one of my fosters or any dog, react with the amazement and wonderment that Sissy had for these treats.. It was hard to stop giving her pieces!!!
MORE please!
Get ready for puppies because they are arriving today!!!

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