Sunday, August 25, 2013

Puppies are Puppies!

 Look at that little smile on Sissy's face!  It's been hard to get from her when the camera is out and sometimes it's bigger, but on her last day with me, she finally let me document her smile (with ears up no less).  I will miss this little one, but she's headed to the coast with her new mom that is going to love and dote on her every second!

Innocent aren't they?

 Puppies are fun, but you gotta watch them every second!   Found that one or both of them got their chew on my purse strap!  I recognized those tiny teeth marks! 
Sawyer actually came up to me yesterday while I was talking on my cell phone with ear buds and stole the right one right out of my ear!  He didn't get far, but geez!

They are pretty good about not chewing "non-toys" but not perfect.. We have pulled all kinds of things likes string, cords and rugs out of their mouths, giving them a fun toy to chew on instead or even stopping what we are doing and just playing with them.  They love running after the Tail Chaser and catching it!.  It takes time, patience, distraction, positive reinforcement and a watchful eye and you keep the chewed cords and purse straps to a minimum. 
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