Saturday, August 3, 2013

Going to the Petstore!!!

We took Sissy to the pet store to see how she would do.  She was nervous and shaky when we entered, but soon the things to sniff were too interesting and fascinating to be nervous

So she was walking tail wagging, ears up, going from sniff to sniff... When she saw small children, she wanted to go up to them and check them out!  She let a couple of really gentle girls pet her though (as you can see), she pancaked (flatten out on the ground, like a pancake) a bit, so we kept the visit and petting short and were on our way!

She did great on the trip back (I think she is getting use to car rides and that they aren't so scary) and got a nice tasty treat for her good brave work.. It's a Himalayan chew and she dug in! 

time, patience, exposure and rewards will go a long way in showing little Sissy that the world isn't such a scary place and that people can be trusted... we are taking baby steps, but we are moving forward bit by bit...

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