Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Trip to the Pet Store

Second trip to the big pet store and they did so GREAT!  Walked right into the store with their tiny harness and ready to get their sniffing on... 

They did great and were not nervous at all.    Greeted some people and a small little girl who thought they were adorable (which they so are!).  Sawyer again, being out front and super friendly with Skye just a little more hung back from the greets and working up to it. 

They walked around the whole store and it was such a difference from last week where they were so nervous and shaky. 

Way to go little ones!

Potty training is moving forward.  Skye ahead of her brother but both know to go outside (though they need reminders still) and they certainly know they get treats! 

They are heading to the vets tomorrow for their last booster shot but they have been there before to get weighed so I'm sure they will handle it like champs.  It will be interesting to see how much weight they have gained! 

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