Sunday, July 7, 2013

Tucker Update

Tucker, fostered in August 2011  -  he was an owner surrender, very sad story that led him to needing a new home.  The poor thing really didn't understand all the changes that were happening to him but he slowly started to come out his shell with me... Well long story short, a family in Yakima found him and made them part of his family and he has just been blossoming over the past almost two years with them. 

He was very wary of men but his new dad was so patient and willing to go Tucker's speed that he won him over through time and trust.  He's still wary of men sometimes, but not of his dad anymore and they are best friends! (awww).  

He gets to  "GO" for rides in his dad's truck and in the 5th wheel for camping trips. He is definitely part of the family, he loves to run in the yard and be chased by the baby who has learned to run after him.   He is his dad's best friend and his mom's protector,  They love love him to death and he has surely found his "furever home" in the house and in their hearts.

Makes fostering all worth it - to able to connect Tucker to these wonderful people!

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