Thursday, July 11, 2013

Big Dogs are F-U-N

I have a couple of friends who have some bigger dogs that are sweet, nice tolerant but won't let guest dogs take too much advantage of their hospitality and I'm able to expose the foster dogs to them and know that they are safe (all of them)... Tuesday, Sprite got to meet Sadie, Sheriff and Emery

Sprite wasn't sure at first at these bigger dogs, but after a few sniffs, she was ready to play!

First she met some neighborhood kids and it was greets, tail wags and licks to anyone who would let her... She is very sweet and trusting of people and animals... She did however, bypass my friends cat, showing little interest...  Could have been because my neighbors cat gave her a swat when she got too in her face.. If so, good lesson learned!

 Her and Sadie actually exchanged some face licks!  It was sweet... But mostly it was "chase"... Sprite is speedy - only Emery - the blue Weimaraner who is three,  attempted to try and catch her but it was to no avail - but they all had fun running around, and or watching Sprite run around and it sure wore Sprite out who passed out when we got home!


You can see our ride in the background of the first video!

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