Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Adventures in Yakima

Sprite was bored, I was bored, Cassie was bored - so what better to do at 7pm on a Tuesday - take Sprite to the pet store for a little interaction and socialization... I put Sprite in in the dog booster seat, which she did good in, taking in the sights and very interested in all that was outside of the car.. She even flirted with a few people at red lights...

At the petstore, she loved it... She greeted people, walked around exploring, i think she could have spent hours in there... She's a little jumpy on people so you have to watch her and hold her back sometimes, but she loves meeting all the people.  Too soon it was time to go home...

On the way home.. car broke down... all the electrical stuff just quit and the car died... FUN - it's about 80 degrees still, we are down town and it's about 8pm... I start making phone calls - tow truck is on it's way... I get ahold of a friend whose husband is with the Yakima Police Department and he was just leaving work.. yeah!.  He comes to pick us up in his police car  both Cassie and Sprite get (have) to ride in the back seat! 

Sprite staring at freedom from the back of a squad car
This wasn't the trip we had planned, but it ended up okay and Sprite and I ended up over at my friends house and she got to play (and shake off her police car ride) with big dogs - she did great!  blog post about that tomorrow!

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