Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Visiting the Pet Store

 First stop - try on a hat!  OMG - cute!  She didn't really like but kept it on long enough to take a picture! 

She was excited to check out the pet store... lots of amazing smells for her I am sure.  She wanted to meet all the dogs so we had to hold her back a bit from going directly up to them.  She meet all people with wags and enjoyed all the attention she got.    We also got a harness for her that fit better for her!

She did like to check out what is UNDER the shelving, in case there was more interesting things under there!  Maybe she knows something we don't!

She is really friendly and just loves to go out wherever and whenever she can...  She got a pizzle stick for being so good for the trip home and she was happy girl!

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  1. HI Rebecca- I just submitted an application through rattitude and am awaiting approval to meet sweet Sabrina! What a cutie. Love those eyebrows!!! Hope to hear from you soon - Pamela F.