Friday, May 31, 2013

Be My Friend!

Sabrina so wants to be buddies with our house guest Skittles.. He is slowing warming to her and her attempts at cuddles.. She just keeps getting closer and closer. and is politely persistent. They even had themselves some tug play yesterday, which was great to see for the both of them.

Sabrina is defiantly a people person and very affectionate, but she also takes time for herself, especially when the humans are being boring like sleeping or getting ready for work.  I found her in the morning getting some sun soaking in before I had to head off to work...  Her and Skittles were just out there soaking up the rays... I like it when they do that cause then they are all toasty warm when they come back in!  Good for cuddles!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pearly Whites!

Sabrina is so sweet - gentle player, she likes to play tug, gnaw on chews... I love it, you really get to see her teeth and she's got really great pretty teethies!!  She's learning a bit about what is toy that is okay to chew on and what is not, but she's pretty good about it... She does love herself a paper towel to shred if she finds one lying around!

She is also house trained.. She doesn't use the doggie door really but as long as we take her out, she goes potty and she'll got out on her own if the back door is open. 

 My favorite picture right here above - one little fang hanging out! 

Sabrina has had many names in her shelter life... 5 in fact!  One of them was Spike - I couldn't for the life of me, figure how she was named Spike of all things... But then I saw these pictures Cassie took while playing with her and I was like oh... Vampire teeth!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Enjoying The Backyard

Sabrina likes to run... She's got a cute little trot to her!   She's sure loves being outside, the sunshine and exploring! 

Sabrina has lots to learn - she hasn't quite, though is starting to figure out that the garden area is off limits... .She doesn't like the bark though so she tip toes on the rocks in the back to sniff the raspberry plants...  When I caught her getting ready to jump over the little garden fence, she gave me the pose up on the right... like.. "What.?  Just taking an afternoon stretch!"

Monday, May 27, 2013

Exploring Time!

Sabrina is getting to know the house, the routine and the YARD... She is quick to come to you though if you call to her.  I'm sure she doesn't know her name but is more responding to you just calling out, but I'll take it! 
 She is fascinated and sure there is good stuff up on the rocks and behind the arbiters... She's always nosing around up there....
She is showing herself to be house-trained and a good eater... Not too slow, but not a gobbler either... just enjoys her food!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Sabrina is here!

Oh she's a sweetie... Quick to come to people for lovin's and to feel safe... We met Alex who kindly drove Sabrina over and his cute little dog at the dog park... She was a little snarky with some of the dogs if she felt like they were getting into her space but I can't blame her, she has had a confusing busy couple of days being transported up from California!  Mostly, she just hung out with the other dogs and would come and check in with all us from time to time...  

Skittles came too and did so super... so much more relaxed in a busy dog park then when I fostered him... he's really come on long way thank to his mom Angela!  He loves to run with the other dogs and then all sun nap just by himself.  So much more confidence!

Once home, intro's to Sasha and a check of the house... It was then time for Sabrina to get a bath and she did pretty good - she was dirty and I'm sure it felt get to get all clean... Rattie runs to dry off and then it was nap time in the sun which is always super!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Old Friends and New Friends

Look who is at my house for the week while his mom is on a trip... It's little Skittle-man!  I fostered him for a few months last year until he found his perfect home.  He is totally doted on by his new mom and doing really well over in Western Washington.  He'll be here for about a week.  Him and Sasha met up, did their sniffing and it was no big deal - they just share space and go about their business... Just like when he was here!  haha.. 

So Skittles and Sasha have a few days to settle while we await the newest little foster girl Sabrina who is being driven to Yakima on Saturday by a kind volunteer.  She looks like a doll, tiny 10 lbs and about 1 1/2. 

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Feeb's is Home

Formally Savannah, now Phoebe aka Feeb's knew she was home when she got to her home with her new family in Canada.  Her family reports that she has quickly settled in, not shown any shyness at all.  She even got to go pick up her human sibling Joel at school and didn't worry or mind about all the kid wanting to pet her.   I think she knows these are her people and she is safe and can relax and take life in stride.  So happy for her!

 Her new family has a cat, who, while we knew Feeb's would be okay, there was some unknown on how their cat would do... Well that adorableness that Feeb's is, she has quickly won her new cat sibling over and cat flirts with her and just loves her!  (who wouldn't!).
 This picture is just too sweet... Bringing these two together makes fostering 
these pups so worth it!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Whatcha Doing?

Savannah, who not only gets a new family, but the new name of Pheobe (Feebs), is all ready to head off to her new home tomorrow.  Here is us spending some time getting in some last full body wiggles in from her.  Wiggle away! (and why do I have to talk so funny to the dog all the time?  i just can't help it!)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Savannah's leaving the country!

Well it didn't take long but Savannah had found her family and will be heading to Canada this Wednesday where she will be get to know her new people and she gets to have not one but two human siblings to grow up and  play with!  She will have the new name of Pheobe/Feebs which is adorable!   I will miss her cute little puppy nose and feet but am thrilled that she will start her new life and grown into a happy confident little dog that she was meant to and her time in the shelter in CA will not even be a memory! 

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Savannah hits the town!

Savannah has already had a busy day.  We took her garage sales shopping this morning!  She did really well and was nice and interested in the dogs that she met, but stayed close to us rather that other people.

The other great news is I got a really great deal ($12 bucks!) on an elevated dog car seat at one of these stops, so she got to ride around town in style!  She didn't get it at first, trying to jumped out of the seat, but by the end of the trip, she was sitting in her little seat, strapped in and enjoying the sights!

We also stopped by Holly's who is a vet tech and is always willing to do the microchipping for me and she got her chipping done (small whine, a little bit of pee, better than i thought she would do) and got to play in the back yard and meet Emery!   She quickly forgave Holly and let her give her pets and treats and we were on our way back home...

It's not even noon yet and she is already pooped out and taking a nap!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy weekend!

Savannah and Sasha are getting an early start and together no less!  Savannah is a tail waggler and thumber and Sasha didn't seem to mind - it also didn't last too long thankfully!

I plan to get savannah out and about this week as much as possible  and enjoy the weather, sights, sounds and smells!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Savannah bo bannna...

Savannah bo bannna...she's a cutie for sure... She seems to have our routine down.. Funny about eating.. she likes you near her when she eats... if you leave, she follows you!  Can't have that cause Sasha would eat her food.  So i either stand there in the morning, drinking a cup of coffee while she enjoys her breakfast!

Cassie took her out to a park with Sasha and while she kept an eye on a crowd of loud kids, she enjoyed the park and walk... i think positive, continued exposure to things is good for her and shows her that everything isn't so scary

Savannah Tushie!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Laying Around...

My yard is kind of a mess with lots of dried grass areas but Savannah found some healthy soft green grass and took a snooze... It's pretty hot here already so I'm sure she enjoyed the coolness!

A nice long walk today too with Cassie.  She's a bit confused on the leash and not sure whats expected of her but once she gets into a walking groove, she does good.  She just needs practice!

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sleepy Sunday's

Savannah had a busy Saturday, so it was just lazing around Sunday and going outside for sunshine and lots of snoozing in the dog bed...
She and Sasha enjoyed sniffing the irises and while Sasha will go out there to bark at a bird or noise, Savannah just follows her (very excitedly) but with no barking.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Meetin' and Greatin' Part 2

I missed showing a very cute picture of Savannah and Sadie.. Savannah gave her a kiss@

So it probably wasn't the best idea to use her leash to play with her but the next video shows what happened when Cassie tried to attach a toy and play tug..