Sunday, April 7, 2013

Bossy Sonya

Busy day for Sonya on Saturday - She and Sutton went to to the dog park for one last play before Sutton headed home... She was bossy with the other dogs (a couple of bigger Shepard mixes and a beagle) who wanted to come up and meet her (and the beagle wanted to mount her) but once they gave her space she was able to relax a bit and wandered around and not feel the need to be so bossy with them...   She worries I think about the bigger dogs  - though at my friends house who has two very nice Shepard, she does fine and doesn't growl at them, but doesn't play with them and prefers to keep her space...

Later, after they left, her and Sutton wandered around and when two other smaller dogs came in, she warmed up to them quite quicker. and was interested in them. but too soon it was time to go...   Goodbyes were given to Sutton who is on his way to Oregon with a new human sister and family... We will miss him, but a good things are in store for him!

Once back home, Sonya was exhausted from the trip, excitement and play so it was nap time for her... It was nice to snuggle with her and then she wanted to go under the covers for a nice cozy warm sleep!
 Peekaboo!                                                                           Sonya Mound!

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