Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pearly Whites

So last night, Cassie and I were sitting in the living room watching tv... Sasha's sleeping... Sonya is wandering around... and what did she do... Wandered right out the doggie door!  No prompting or us practicing, just did it on her own...  So exciting... she went out two more times that night on her own... I really think she's got it!

Sonya and I had fun tonight... I haven't found a toy that she really likes yet, but she likes to chase my hand... or I touch her rear or her foot and she jumps, does a spin, lays down and waits for me to do it again.. She will mouth your hand (if you let her catch it) but she's gentle about it... She's so goofy when she's all hyper, but the best kind of goofy.. She was having so much fun and got so amped up - every minute or so, she would do a full rattie run around the house before coming back to me for more playtime... She would also flop in front of me, belly up a few times.. let me give her belly rubs (which I was happy to do)- then she would bound off again... finally, during the last belly rub - she just fell asleep - exhausted from her antics...

I love these pictures.. You can see just how happy she was tonight... Plus she's got the prettiest teeth!  She likes to show them off!

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