Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lovin the Sunshine!

The dogs sure had fun today soaking up the rays and snoozing in the nice sunshine...  I don't normally let the dogs in this area, but I haven't started to do anything with the area yet and it's where the sun what the heck, I'm a pushover..

Sutton did help himself to gnawing on some grass, eating some bark... though he didn't really eat it, just brought it in the house and left bark crumbs everywhere...  Sonya preferred just to snooze on the warm dirt soaking up the sun rays... It was really a peaceful afternoon...

We also have guests all weekend... My dad came over on Saturday and after a brief bit of nervousness, Sonya was happy to meet him.. Sutton a little more worried about this new person hanging in the house.    Today, another friend stopped by, and both dogs were won over by treats, with again, Sutton hanging back by Cassie (unless treats were being offered), but within the hours, he did come up for some pets (and to see if there were more treats).   While he does great out and about meeting people, he's just a bit more cautious in his own environment.  I'm sure treats and positive interactions will show him that guests are good things!

Sutton has started a new crazy cute thing...crazy spins while I'm making their dinner.. He's just so excited I think..

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