Sunday, March 31, 2013

Lovin the Sunshine!

The dogs sure had fun today soaking up the rays and snoozing in the nice sunshine...  I don't normally let the dogs in this area, but I haven't started to do anything with the area yet and it's where the sun what the heck, I'm a pushover..

Sutton did help himself to gnawing on some grass, eating some bark... though he didn't really eat it, just brought it in the house and left bark crumbs everywhere...  Sonya preferred just to snooze on the warm dirt soaking up the sun rays... It was really a peaceful afternoon...

We also have guests all weekend... My dad came over on Saturday and after a brief bit of nervousness, Sonya was happy to meet him.. Sutton a little more worried about this new person hanging in the house.    Today, another friend stopped by, and both dogs were won over by treats, with again, Sutton hanging back by Cassie (unless treats were being offered), but within the hours, he did come up for some pets (and to see if there were more treats).   While he does great out and about meeting people, he's just a bit more cautious in his own environment.  I'm sure treats and positive interactions will show him that guests are good things!

Sutton has started a new crazy cute thing...crazy spins while I'm making their dinner.. He's just so excited I think..

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Sutton is Growing Up

Sutton has lost some of his baby teeth... the front bottom ones... Who knows where they went, but they aren't there now...

His top front teeth are loose too.. Aww... Baby Sutton is growing up, still a puppy but getting bigger!  We had to loosen his collar to a few days ago... And speaking of... he went to the doggie door all by himself yesterday without any help from the other dogs or us... didn't go out it, but thought about it - so close!

He also has the funniest play bow when trying to get Sonya (or Sasha) to play... Come see it!
Sonya and Sutton communicating! - you can so see Sonya wasn't haven't any of it and Sutton was trying to convince her!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

Tails and Tail Chasers!

Sonya bootie!  She's got a tail that she loves to wag and wag fiercely... She's also a full body wiggler too...she wags her tail so hard sometimes it makes her whole body wiggle! 

Brave Sonya sneaking a quick butt sniff on my dog Sasha... She better not get caught!  (she didn't, she was stealthy)

Sutton can get such a serious look on his face sometimes... but mostly he's just a happy, running around little puppy!  He also has great love on the tail chaser toy... I think he would play, chase and chew on it all day if I had the time... See video Sutton and the Tail Chaser!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Doggie Stares...

Love me!  She's trying to hypnotize me with her stares... when it didn't work, she tried an ear lift...she kept going with the ears up and down until I gave in... She's so goofy sweet...
 Belly rubs ensued!

Then it was Sutton's turn!  He's really coming along... He's starting to use the doggie door, he has learned sit and we are working on stay... Often when the other dogs going tearing outside after some noise, Sutton stays behinds for cuddles and one on one attention!

Sonya's belly rubs are over and she is investigating Sutton's toy.. he looks annoyed and like he wants me to help get his toy back!  They actually both ended up nibbling on it until they got to playing with eatch other.. :)

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sonya and the bunny toy

Sonya is just the sweetest thing...She loves attention and snuggling, but has a nice independent streak to her too... she likes to nap in her crate or a doggie bed when you are busy doing stuff... She often just lays in the doggie bed and takes a nap when I'm in my crafting area...
 And she loves her bunny tug!  She gnaws, chews and licks it to no end... It's holding up well to her attention and she just gets so excited when I bring it out for her...

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Shorty Update

Shorty, now Solo, is growing up!  Shorty was with me just for about 2 weeks in December and got himself a new family just in time for Christmas...

He's doing great... Top Dog in obedience class, part of the Greenwood Rat Pack, he has quickly become part of their family.  He is even getting the cat to love him (like anyone could resist him!).  I'm so happy for him and wish him a great life that he so richly deserves!

Beautiful Boy!
I'm sure he didn't do it.. just pointing it out...

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Yard Time!

Enjoying the nicer weather and longer days, all the dogs can't wait til I get home and they get to spend some time outside...  Cassie has been gone that past two days so both Sutton and Sonya have spend longer days in the crate while I'm at work... Both have done great and no accidents in the crate but they are more than ready to get out and stretch their legs when I get home and then of course dinner time!    Sonya's tail just never stops wagging, Sutton just needs to sniff every inch of yard and my dog Sasha plays sentinel at the gate watching for possible intruders.  :) 

Sonya likes to kick up some grass after pottying since Sutton arrived..;.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sonya Plays!!!

So I've been on a mission to find a toy for Sonya... She just it's really a player with any toys that I have other than those tiny toy mice.  Well, it has been found - thanks to another foster mom, she recommended Dog Dream Toys who makes handmade dog toys... since she like the mouse fur - I thought we would try one made with real fur since nothing else seems to really catch her interest..

This was a great success... She immediately got to sniffing and chasing and playing... Actually, all of the dogs got a little amped over this toy so the other dogs had to go inside while me and Sonya got our first real "play" on...   Everyone eventually got a chance at this toy... I don't think one will be enough...  It make me really happy to see her so happy and playing.  She even played with it by herself (though I supervised just to make sure she doesn't shred it to bits and so far it's holding up :) 

Margorie at Dog Dream Toys was wonderful in making this toy... She asked me questions about what I was trying to get and really went to an effort to help make a toy that would be irresistible for Sonya! It also arrived super fast!

 Sonya and Sutton checking out something in the backyard... She is good with him and his puppy antics and he is learning to be a good listener to her when she has had enough...

Sutton is definitely a puppy, loves to chew things, but learning what not to chew on and sticking to his toy (or any paper he can find).  He does have an off switch though and loves to snuggle and cuddle!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Enjoying the Sunshine!

My yard is  a mess, but the dogs are sure enjoying the weather... Sutton really enjoys my dead iris leaves and now that I've dug some of them up, has helped himself to some tasty roots!  It seems to be quite the hot spot for him to roll around in too...

Look at that innocent face... He's saying... I don't roll in roots - uh uh!  (yes he does!)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Woof Woof!

Sutton has gotten "sit" down pat and just loves to show you he's a good sitter for treats.   He will go outside using the doggie door but prefers to go out with someone and doesn't so much enjoying going back in using the doggie flap through if you hold the flap up, he will run inside...

He's pretty sweet, loves to snuggle and sure enjoys playing with his foster sister... he also makes cute groaning noises when he plays.... he will also bark at Sonya if he feels like he's not getting her attention.

Sonya continues to be a good foster sister, playing with Sutton often.  She also likes her space and sometimes she just goes for a nap in the doggie bed all by herself, though she enjoys a good burrow under the blankets too.   Not too much a barker, but she will bark when my own Sasha starts up some barking at various noises around the house... She's a bark-joiner, not a bark instigator!

Big Sonya Yawn!

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Settling In

Sutton is settling in really well.  He's starting to get a clue to the house training and now that we've got him on a regular feeding schedule things are going well in that direction.  He's also started a new game of bringing his dog dish to you, I'm sure hoping for a refill!  A little shy in new situations, he is curious and willing to check out new things will little encouragement.  He really is a fun little puppy.  Not too mouthy and loves to cuddle

Sonya continues to do super -  she's taken well to her "big sister" role with Sutton and she's using the doggie door on a regular basis now...

She knows sit and sorta spin...she spins and 3/4 of the way..sits but also finishes her spin - cute, but not quite it)... So we continue that and am starting to work on shake.  She's super smart, treat motivated and eager to learn...

She really is enjoying the nicer weather here, spending some of her time outside in the backyard, soaking up the little bit of rays we get...

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sutton and Sonya

Sonya and Sutton's morning routine... Breakfast, go potty, enjoy some outdoor time, then get on my bed and gnaw on each others faces for a bit, and then NAPTIME!

Sonya is really quite tolerant of Sutton, enjoys playing with him...but sometimes I can tell she just needs a break... she gets growly at him, telling him enough already - sometimes he listens, sometime hes doesn't , so I make sure she has plenty of Sutton free time too.

Enjoying a tasty bone - all to herself!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Visitor Sutton

Took Sutton to meet some bigger dogs - he was nervous around them, but not so nervous he wouldn't be by them for treats... He loved hanging out with the kids more though - they were 7 to 10... giving kisses and just following them anywhere they went.   Here he is with Mia, licking her face and then watching Cassie tickle her!

 Yesterday. he showed up at my work at lunch, got to meet all the co-workers and then off to the local pet store, Pet Pantry... Here he is meeting the owner's dog... And then we were off to find some tasty snacks!  He really took all the visits in stride, enjoying meeting and seeing new things..