Thursday, February 28, 2013

Who got Chipped?

So, Sonya got herself microchipped yesterday... She did well, though she wasn't all that happy about it... A friend of mine Holly, who worked/s for a vet office and does a lot of microchipping for me (for free!), which I so appreciate - she's good at it, most of the dogs hardly make a peep, she's quick and fast.

While at Holly's she meet Emery, an exuberant, 3 year old weinheimer... Okay, she freaked Sonya out a bit... too big, too close, too fast.. BUT, she was very good about telling her to back off... both softly and when she wasn't heard, a little louder and then we ran some interference for her so she got comfortable... She did enjoy cuddles and treats from Holly though both before and after the chipping!  Holly even earned herself a few kisses, perhaps a thank you for the necessary micro chipping that will keep her from getting lost.

After that - over to Amber's (who lives down the street from her) with the two big Shepard mixes...  a little anxiety over more big dogs...but they are mellow and she spent some time in the back yard with them, not playing, but not freaking out about them either once she figured out they would respect her space... She hung out with Mia who is 8 years old, refused to look at black cat when he came strolling by and went up to Nate and Amber for some pets and attention... and probably to see if they had treats!

Cassie made a little collar with a tie and tried it on all the animals!
getting some attention from Amber's husband - Sonya loves all people!

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