Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Treat Time!

 Scarlett wasn't sure what to make of the bully stick when we first showed it to her... Then she tried to hide it...Always make me a little sad when then can't enjoy a treat but worry about them and tried to hide them.. but when Cassie kept a hold of it, she was more than happy to check it out and finally get her chew on...then she was just a happy little camper... She even fell asleep while gnawing on it!

 Soon, she'll learn that treats are part her life and nothing to worry about (or that they will be stolen away)...

She's getting better about eating and we've learned that she needs a quiet space with no Sasha around and she will  settle down after a bit and eat... She still gets nervous with the little bit of noise or movement but step by step and she'll learn that there's nothing to worry about :) 

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