Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sonya's coming out of her shell!

Sonya is doing great... Look at that innocent face... She is such a snuggle bug... She loves to hang out with her people... Today, when my dad came over to visit, she was well behaved and interested...though stayed pretty close to me...   We did some yard work and she was quite interested in what was happening to her yard I think!  She also has been enjoying rolling around in the dead iris pilings in the middle of the yard... (why do all the fosters love those dead iris leaves, I don't know)... At least it's not something smelly that she's rolling in, so I'm not complaining... :)

Yesterday, she had a bit of an issue with her reflection in the sliding glass door and spend some time barking at her silly self, but seems to be over it now.. She has started the phase of going outside and back in real quick, trying to earn a treat... Or going around the backyard and sniffing, checking with me,  does that earn her a treat?  Part of the house training process and it's good forward motion.  I would say she's about 75% house-trained at this point..

Newest discoveries... she can jump baby gates when she wants too... oh she's learned she can jumped on a tall chair I have to get to the counter., if I don't have it pushed in all the way.. Earned herself some cake that way, sneaky thing... Sasha got some too, cause there were cake crumbs on her whiskers! 

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