Thursday, January 31, 2013

Lookin' Good...

Skittles - looking all seasonal and handsome... and those ears are kind of up - or out... for him at least!

Shorty (on the left) part of the Greenwood rat pack and NR alums... 
Shorty feeling handsome in his harness...

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

CCCChanges... (Foster Updates)

So quiet in the house without the puppies or any foster dogs... Sasha is enjoying the peace I think... plus a leftover found bully stick (that I had put up and away and then forgot about) yesterday just made her day!

Serena is busy settling in with her new family down in Oregon.. She even got to meet some chickens that live on the property!  She is keeping her name and getting lots of love and attention.    Sidney too, is busy in Seattle getting to know her new routine and she has a new name... Aela (pronounced ay-lah) which is Gaelic for full of excitement and happiness, which is certainly in store for her!

Sidney in her new home enjoying a good chew!
My next foster dog, Scarlett, is in California where she is waiting in another NR foster home until she can be brought up here... She should arrive on Saturday and I'm excited to meet her!  She's black and white and tiny, at about 5 lbs!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sidney's Adopted!

Sidney too, has hit the jackpot and found herself a fabulous home!  A couple in Seattle will be meeting this sweet little girl on Sunday to take her home and start her new life.  

Cute pictures of Sidney, trying to show off her fabulousness to my dog Sasha (that black spot towards the left of the coffee table)... She tries so hard to get Sasha to love her.... It's not really worked...though Sasha will let them sleep by her and considering Sasha is playing with a cow hoove, I think Sidney's charm was working in her favor...

 My daughter works at a coffee shop and got all the pups "Pup Cups" from work.. (a little whipped cream with a dog treat inside) - it was funny seeing them all with coffee cups stuck on their face... They didn't mind a bit!

The puppies were sure a whirlwind of activity, playing and puppy kisses... I will miss them but look forward to a lower energy in the house too (Sasha agrees!).  They were tons of fun and I know they will bring that fun sweet energy to their new homes and wish them the best!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Serena says I'm Adopted!

Well of course it's happened... Serena has been adopted!  She is heading off to live her puppy life in Portand Oregon with a great family including two human brothers!  I will miss her spirit and puppy kisses but know she is in for a fun grand life!   She will be going home on Sunday when I meet her parents over in Seattle.  Best wishes Serena!

Look at her little puppy teeth (fangs) and I had to get a picture of her great puppy feet/foot... She is very tolerant of us messing with her, which is good cause I love puppy feet and hers are really cute - love that little spot on her big pad... :)  

***a problem with Blogger caused my blog to go down for a bit and me to draft the posts with videos in them... it's fixed now and my most recent videos are back up... :)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Feeling Better!

 Both girls continue to heal from there surgery (Sidney left - Serena right)... Today they have better energy levels and you can tell they feel much better... Serena's seems to be feeling really good cause I've had to catch her a few times from jumping up on the couch... Sidney, a little tinnier, eyes the couch like she wants to jump, but seems to be content to have me lift her up (she's probably just likes me waiting on her)
Cute picture of Sidney from earlier this week... she can be a bit a jumping little thing... Here she was saying.. put the camera down and pick me up.. please please please!  Serena just gives you soulful eyes at you to try to get you to do her bidding...

Now that they are feeling better, I can hopefully get more active (and in focus) photos!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Resting up...

Both the girls surgeries and vaccinations went very well this morning... I picked them up today at 3:00 and they were happy to see me and get out of there..

Serena now weighs 7 lbs and Sidney is coming in at 5.1 lbs. so they sure are growing! A quick stop at a friend's house and they were all tails wagging and puppy kisses.  We settled them in for a quick nap while I helped Amber with with some paint choices and then we went home...

Lots of sleeping this afternoon with potty breaks and it seems to be going well.. A little water and food just a bit ago and they are passed out again... It gives me a good excuse to stay in and snuggle under the blankets with them and Sasha even joined us..She likes the puppies at this speed :)  ... Though I have no doubt in a day or two, they will be back to their normal selves! 
Yesterday,  Sidney and Serena in the exercise pen giving me the sad eyes to be let out... Serena has very good, oh please let me out and I will love you forever sad eyes... they are hard to resist!

Monday, January 21, 2013


Sidney in the red collar, Serena in pink... Sidney likes to stealth attack... get into small places her sister can't and wait for her!

 And thanks Serena for reminding me to get that plastic piece installed under my dishwasher!  I don't think she can get under there but better safe than sorry!

Tomorrow will be a busy day... both girls are heading off to the vets for their spay surgery, microchips and vaccinations.  Wish them luck and speedy recoveries!

 Here is my last picture of cute Silver while we were waiting for her parents to pick her up in CleElum (it was cold outside!).  Sure miss her, but good things are in store for her with her new family who were so excited to meet her and take her home! 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Serena & Sidney

Serena!  If you look closely - you can see she has white whiskers on one side of her face and black on the other!

Sidney half in the snuggle sack, half out...andd one with her tongue just a little bit out.

Sidney!  All white whiskers for her

She makes the goofiest faces while playing... they are just the happiest little things....

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Sidney and Serena have mastered the doggie dog with the help of Cassie who really helped them "get it".  Sidney was a little ahead of her sister in figuring it out, but Serena has figured out she gets treats and is much more enthusiastic about getting out there and back for her treat! Last night they both even went out to potty in the light rain/snow, which i s wonderful and I think means they really get it!

Silver enjoys playing with them for sure... though sometimes she needs her space too... They are busy little things...This was suppose to be nap time...

Everyone has had a busy few days... Trips to the pet store...trips to friends houses, meeting cats and dogs and kids, walks and lots of playing!

They were quite a hit at the pet store.. Lot's of ooohs and ahhhhs.  Silver did great too, walking around, not worried or scared and accepted a few pets .. just enjoying checking things out.  The girls liked meeting new people, running up to them (with permission of course) and giving away puppy kisses for free! 

Silver goes home tomorrow to start her new wonderful life so it's time for bathing and a nail trim to get her all prettied up... I will miss her but I am excited for her too!  And I don't care if she doesn't use the sleep sack quite the way it was intended... works for her!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Silver's Adopted!

While Silver has been busy snoozing...a wonderful thing has happened... She's got her very own people!  A great couple over in Western WA are more than ready to give little Silver the home she deserves...   It's been wonderful to watch Silver come slowly out of her shell this past month and i know she will continue to loved and taken care of and continue to feel safe and secure with her new family.... Way to Go Silver! 

She'll still be with me a little while while final arrangements are made to get her home... She's been great with the puppies and I'll miss my little "babysitter"! 

Laxer eyes!
grrrrr.. mine!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


They are showing the beginnings of house training though I am keeping them on a regular schedule.. Sidney will go to the door MOST of the time on her own if she needs to go out... She sits in front of the door and will paw at it... She also she did a header into the sliding glass door once..  ouch...but she was fine... I think the doggie door is too heavy for them at this point...
Serena and Sidney sharing the sleep sack... sorta... Sidney (red collar) is the one with the big brown dot on her back..  Serena (pink collar) has a little tiny brown spot in the same place

Tonight included some three way (and two way) tug with the tail chaser... it was pretty cute  - Silver is good with them, she enjoys playing with them for the most part -  though she got a little fiesty over the valuable tail chaser toy, pulling some serious body blocking moves on them...

 But what did they find as the most fun?  Plain toys, fancy of course not... you can see them just laying on the floor being ignored... just like a kid who would rather play with a box, they somehow found a straw that they thought was the best thing ever... Silver even got into the act... They just loved playing tug with it it and I think would have played with it forever if I let them... Admittedly I did let them play with it a bit but then took it away and exchanged it for tail chaser!

Let Sleeping Dogs... Sleep!

As things go from very quiet and calm to very busy and noisy... I can't help but pull out the camera when the dogs are sleeping... They are so sweet...

 As sisters, they firmly believe if one has it, it must be good so the other must have it too... always wanting to play/chew on the same thing... they are good sharers most of the time...

I also found the video of Silver running about my friends house...showing off her fast rattie skills... so so much happier and relaxed these days.. it's nice to see her run!