Friday, December 21, 2012

Sleep Sack Are Fun!

I made some sleep sacks and as I suspected, Silver likes them!  She gets all warm and cozy in there and does some nibbling on the inside lining... She is a bit of a nibbler on toys and a chewer.  She did nibble on a cord on my hair straighter after she got wrapped around it and did some chewing of a leash, so I have to kind of keep an eye on what's she's chewing on while she learns what toys are and what they are not!  She also loves loves the fringe on a little rug I have, though she plays with the entire rug, rather than chewing the fringe off...

 Now when either I or Cassie get home, she greets us by doing some running and spinning around... I admit, it's pretty darn cute.  She also has the doggie door down and is using it on her own. 

 Silver continues to get more trusting of us... Still a little skittish if we move too fast, but last night she played with the rug, played with the sleep sack, rolled around, went belly up and squirmed around without a care in the word, she was just having fun.   Then she came to me for some play and yeah, it took a few days but it was fun to play with her!!!

Oh, and she's very curious about the dog in the mirror... she even nosed that dog a couple of times, but just can't seem to make it go away ;) Licking it doesn't work either she has discovered...

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