Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lemme Sleep!

Shorty is very playful... though he can be mellow too - so he kind of alternates between being busy and being sleepy... As we get his scheduled more into my schedule of things, I'm sure we will see some evening out...  Loves to play and knows had to play by himself too.  He's doing great with my dog Sasha and learning the do's and don't of Sasha's rules with little fuss.  He uses the doggie door too with no issues and will go out on his own but needs scheduled potty breaks so we can get him reliably housetrained.  Does great in the crate too and sleeps in there at night without a peep.  Quiet too when I get home so I'm able to greet my dog and get their dinner ready which is really nice.... He is a puppy, a little undisplined but very sweet and affectionate... We are working on sit with him and I'm sure the lightbulb is about to go on any second now, cause he loves getting treats!
 What is that staring at me?   I'm not sure I should sleep....

 but I'm soooo tired....  but you are still looking at me.....

Can't care anymore... MUST SLEEP!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Meet and Greet!

I had dinner plans last night and Shorty got an invite too!  It was a pretty busy evening, lots of kids - lots of animals... I was worried it might have been a bit too soon given that he came only on Monday and hasn't had a chance to settle much, but he did super!  A little nervous, but loved the three kids who were there - they were between 5 and 11 and he really enjoyed giving them kisses...

He met 'black cat' a super non intimidated cat and he did well...a meet, some sniffs, a couple of barks and then they pretty much went back to ignoring each other...  He did do some snapping at Emery, a neighbors big grey weinheimer, but in fairness, she kept getting in his face and I'm pretty sure that was "back off" in dog language...any language really...

Shorty and I will be going over again - I just know he wants to play with the big dogs once he's a little more comfortable and secure and now that he has had a meet with them.  

A special shout out to Sadie (pictured) and Sheriff... This is the 13th foster dog I've brought over to them - they've put up with lots of butt sniffing, growling and various activities from all the fosters (and my own), have had some fun play, only had to check a few that were being to bossy, but they are good, calm and respectful dogs and I just love them!  They've given all my fosters a calm positive experience with bigger dogs :) 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Guess Who's Here!

Shorty is here!  He came up from California last night and thanks to a trip that my daughter made over to Seattle, she was able to pick him up and bring him to Yakima this afternoon...

I don't know too much about him yet... He's nervous but very lovey dovey.  He's been VERY busy checking out the new digs, taste testing all the toys, stole a sock and tried to nibble a shoe.  He listened well when I told him "no" to the shoe but I missed the sock and found one in the doggie bed, which he loves to take the new toys to.   He even followed by dog Sasha out the doggie door, which is super! 

He's a cover snuggler for sure and really likes the fleece blanket Cassie just made.   He's learned the important lesson already of what happens when you walk away from a yummy cow hoove and Sasha gets it.  He whined a bit about it, tried staring her down, but a growl or two from Sasha and he decided to get a new toy and move on... good move Shorty!

  After a bath, some good food, a potty break and lots of checking out the place, he has settled down to a nice quiet nap right beside me, I'm sure he is exhausted - I really look forward to getting to know him and share what I find out in the coming days...

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sammy and Shorty Update

So cute little Sammy is doing great in Eastern Washington with his family.  Today he graduates from Basics training and now has lots of skills under his belt (and I'm sure was top dog in his class!).  

He now has the run of the house, his own doggie door, gets to do squirrel chasing and gets lots of doggie playdates.   And doesn't he look great in his new sweater!  I couldn't be happier for Sammy, now Jake!  

As for Shorty, his trip up to Washington has been delayed for a week (awww) but he should here the week after Thanksgiving!  More time for me and Sasha to rest up before the puppy action starts!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Guess Who is Coming to Town

My newest foster - his name is Shorty.  He already had that name so I kept it cause it's an S name!  He's 10 months and 10 lbs, obviously friendly and tolerant of other dogs by this picture.  He looks quite a bit like my previous foster Sammy.  He currently is in California and will be up here in Washington by Friday... then a trip over the mountain to me!  I'm happy he will be to my house just in time for Thanksgiving and an extra long weekend to get to know him and hopefully puppy kisses!!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Skittles Update

----->Oskar and Skittles   Head on over to one of our fabulous adoption coordinator's blog to see an update of little man Skittles as he is in his final week of foster care and on his way to his new mom!  I miss the little snuggle bug, but he is doing super on the westside (though they found he doesn't care much for lawnmowers and isn't afraid to bark about it) and he is in for the treat of all treats when he finally get to go to his forever HOME!  Best Wishes to Skittles!  And check out sweet Oskar who is also looking for that perfect someone/s to call his own! 

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Do A Little Dance!!!

So Skittles doesn't know it yet, but it's time to do a little dancin'!  He's hit the jackpot and found himself a family.  He will have a new mom, who is beyond in love with little Skittles and two cat siblings.

It was great timing... While I have had Skittles for quite a few months, we just couldn't find the perfect fit for him.  Then my kitchen needed to go under some remodeling so we were transferring him over to the west side while that was happening to not stress him out with all the home activity... And right as that was happening, an application came in on that side of the mountains and he was able to do a home visit and meet her and the cats... It just seemed to come together perfectly! 

Happy Days for Skittles!