Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy SkittleWeen!

My daughter is getting some mad skills on the sewing machine and has made the dogs some cute little dino pj's which I think they will be wearing to celebrate hallo ween... My dog Sasha doesn't get nearly enough props on this blog and she's been such a trooper with all the fosters for the past year and half.  Plus these pictures where just too cute to not to put up... I think they are pretty adorable.

You can see Skittles being a little nervous being so close to Sasha but is hanging in there... They get along pretty well and will get close to each other for treats and naps, but no play out of either of them with each other...

an owl dinosaur!  ;)

someone needs to pull down the sofa cover...

Cassie showing the improper way of picking Skittles up!

Skittles cute little dino tush.. if he wags his tail, it moves...bahahaw
She had the Sarah, our cat try on the dino pj's too!

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