Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adventures of Sammy

Sammy was adopted in August and renamed Jake... While we wish that all fosters when they finally find their new family, settled in without a bump and feel immediately safe and comfortable, it's not always the case... Sammy..errr Jake, was nervous first with his new people, did some barking at his dad and ran from him, the potty schedule got a bit turned around etc... But thanks to the dedication of his people, Cris and Gary and the help of New Rattititude's BMod group suggestions (behavior modification), they were able to make Jake feel safe and loved in his new home .  So two months later, here he is in his new home and wearing a great jacket (and surprisingly not eating it!).  Jake gets lots of walks and has even ventured in the water to try to eat a wave or two.  He's learned that this change was not a bad scary change but a great one and he's got himself some great people!  xoxo

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