Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy SkittleWeen!

My daughter is getting some mad skills on the sewing machine and has made the dogs some cute little dino pj's which I think they will be wearing to celebrate hallo ween... My dog Sasha doesn't get nearly enough props on this blog and she's been such a trooper with all the fosters for the past year and half.  Plus these pictures where just too cute to not to put up... I think they are pretty adorable.

You can see Skittles being a little nervous being so close to Sasha but is hanging in there... They get along pretty well and will get close to each other for treats and naps, but no play out of either of them with each other...

an owl dinosaur!  ;)

someone needs to pull down the sofa cover...

Cassie showing the improper way of picking Skittles up!

Skittles cute little dino tush.. if he wags his tail, it moves...bahahaw
She had the Sarah, our cat try on the dino pj's too!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


With the chilly weather upon us, we have found that Skittles really enjoys to be wrapped up in a blanket... Cassie has taken to what I call 'volcaning" him and he seems to enjoy it and just settles in for a nap when that happens.... Who can blame him? 

 He also really enjoys some warm clothes out of the dryer and isn't shy about it.  He's just jump right in and make himself at home....

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Dapper Little Man Skittles

Cassie came home with a Skittle size hat (I think she was planning on the cat to wear it) but it was pretty Dashing on Skittles even if he didn't think so.  He's a trooper though and let us play and really didn't seem to mind it so much.  A little plaid jacket and he would be down right the most adorable dog in Yakima I think. 

 Really, I just making sure his ears were through the hat!

 Ok, this was just a scary crazy picture that I had to share in spirit of halloween...

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Snuggle Buddy

I'm bad I know... took pictures of Cassie while she was sleeping but she was snuggled in with Skittles who was just happy and content... too cute!  He woke up when I came by to snap some pictures but he wasn't moving for nothing!  too comfy and warm!

If you are looking for an extra space heater this winter - Skittles is more than up for the job!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Bath Day

 Skittles got a bath this week by Cassie.  He's a tolerant bath takers and really enjoys the drying off part best.  Drying Off <<---video.  He's a tiny guy so you only need a hand towel to dry him off!   Once dry, he runs around rubbing against the couch etc and then it's snuggle time with him smelling all nice!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


So sweater weather is officially here.. It's cold and Skittles gets the shakes now outside (and I happen to have a plethora of clothes on hand) so he will be stylin' on his walks and for potties.  It rained hard this week... Skittles not a fan, but with a little encouragement he goes out, does his business, then runs back in, lickety split for some blanket burrowing! 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Look at me now!

Skittles is FAMOUS now... his cute little face is on the back page of the 2013 New Rattitude Calendar.    I won't let it won't go to head though...  :)  Lots of NR Washington dogs are in this calender which is wonderful and exciting and a MUST HAVE! 

To pre-order a calendar head over to  to order yours today.  Special for October is all orders will only pay $1 for shipping, which is great deal!  $16 in total.  Well worth it and it helps New Rattitude! (and you get a picture of Skittles to keep forever, though the real Skittles is way better to any potentional adopters out there! hint hint)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lazy Sundays

 Skittles enjoys a good lounge with lots of pets, cuddles and attention....
Sometimes he mobs the camera and then sometimes he gives me a little pose
And then sometimes he just falls asleep!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Goofy Skittles

Excusing my messy kitchen and floor, Skittles has found a new place to bunk down while we are eating dinner.. an apple box!  My sweater must have fallen in there, so he just makes himself comfortable on those bumpy apples with a little bit of cushioning.  He's only got a day left though because we are going to be cooking up those apples!

A goofy picture of Skittles - too cute!  Cassie too!

 Skittles and Sasha as close as they usually get... They aren't friends but they tolerate each other.  He would probably play with her if she wanted too... but she doesn't... sigh - They do like to go out and chase birds together though!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Adventures of Sammy

Sammy was adopted in August and renamed Jake... While we wish that all fosters when they finally find their new family, settled in without a bump and feel immediately safe and comfortable, it's not always the case... Sammy..errr Jake, was nervous first with his new people, did some barking at his dad and ran from him, the potty schedule got a bit turned around etc... But thanks to the dedication of his people, Cris and Gary and the help of New Rattititude's BMod group suggestions (behavior modification), they were able to make Jake feel safe and loved in his new home .  So two months later, here he is in his new home and wearing a great jacket (and surprisingly not eating it!).  Jake gets lots of walks and has even ventured in the water to try to eat a wave or two.  He's learned that this change was not a bad scary change but a great one and he's got himself some great people!  xoxo

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

I Love Me Some Sherpa!

 Cassie just bought a great, soft, fluffy Sherpa throw blanket at Costco and guess what little guy is trying to claim it as his very own?  He just loves to snuggle down when this blanket comes out...

 He looks cute in it I think you would all agree.  I would probably be a sucker to those to his hypno eyes and let him claim it...
But I don't think Cassie is giving it up... Lucky for him, she is more than willing to share... as long as he lets her occasionally wrap him up in it like a burrito!