Saturday, August 11, 2012

Super Sammy and Skittles meet their public!

Sammy and Skittles went to the Super Pet Adoption Event today here in Yakima, bright and early at 7 am.... over two hundred cats and dogs available... and as of 4 pm, 106 had been adopted! 

Skittles did great, let people hold him, pet him, walked around... But he had had enough by noon and it was too hot to keep him covered in his crate so we took him home... But he met some great people and I think was having fun til he got hot and tired and needed a nap!

Sammy held in there all day... did really well, curious about the other dogs and met a big white boxer dog that he most curious about and wanted to play with.  He met people and kids of all ages and even a baby that he just wanted to lick.  Sammy actually outlasted me and Cassie as we went home about 3 pm.  He was out like a light in the car and actually slept on his back, paws up when we got home... He was a tired puppy!

More super great news... There was  a 7 year rat terrier terrier with the Benton County Animal group... A couple that had recently lost their dog,  they really liked Sammy -  he was the exact type of dog they were looking for they said, but maybe he was too active.  So they were going look around... I told him there was another rat terrier and showed them this 7 year old rat terrier... They ended up ADOPTING him!   So yeah for him! 

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