Monday, July 30, 2012

Worn Out Puppies!

So the boys are resting from their grand adventure to the westside.  Sammy had a lot of fun running around and meeting people and playing in the fenced area - Skittles enjoyed most of him time with a higher view - up in various arms being held... He did enjoy getting pets from all that visited.. Former foster Sheldon now Sharky showed up - his normal happy self, playing with other dogs and chasing balls... It was good to see him - though him and Sammy just kind of looked at either and then went and did their own thing...

Sammy and Skittles enjoyed the duck pond... I think given enough time - Sammy might have swam for one!
Skittles hung out in the dog park, but liked lots of space from other dogs... Sammy would play, but stuck by the fence to keep checking on me to make sure I didn't go anywhere....

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