Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Tutu Crue

Again, making the dogs were silly things...but darn they were cute running around in little tutus! Sammy kept spinning trying to eat his and Skittles seems to be saying - "It's hard to look dignified in this tutu but I'm trying!" (My dog Sasha knows the drill and she just wears it until I take it off)

Out on a walk today - Skittles is great on the leash, but he barked like crazy at a dump truck that went by - but other than that, he is just a mellow little walker, content to just walk by you.  Sammy is very excited on walks and curious about everything but he is getting better and treats will go along way in keeping his attention.   Teaching Sammy spin and he is learning quick and is very fast! (gets the treat sooner I think that way)

yeah, i'm licking the what?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Look What the Cat Dragged In...

Okay, so I used a Poison song for the cats in this blog!  Took the boys down to petsmart on sunday because I had to check out Bret Michael's new pet line... what is up with that?  However, the doorags are totally adorable and I think Skittles and Sammy both looked ROCKIN! 

They did really well in the petstore and were really enjoying themselves until Skittles saw a dog that was interested in meeting him and got a bit nervous and him and Sammy got a little amped up... So it was time to go... the fashion show was over anyhow...  hahah

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Skittles and Sammy Gettin' Along

Funny short video of Skittles kicking the grass after pottying... Skittles and Sammy Outside

Got a video of Skittles playing with a toy... So cute and such progress with this little man who is now getting comfortable and feeling secure enough to play in the same room with other dogs.  He still is not a huge fan of sharing space with two other dogs, but he's getting a bit better everyday  Skittles Playing with Toy

And the real progress of the week was watching Skittles and Sammy play and chew on the same toy... I've even gotten them to play tug a few times.  They were doing really well until Sammy got a little greedy with the toy  Sammy and Skittles playing  but as you can see in the video, Sammy doesn't react back.  Oh and the barking in the background is my dog Sasha wanting the ball thrown while I was taking this video!

Sammy just napping waiting for his perfect family to come find him! 

Friday, June 22, 2012

While Foster Mom is Away, The Dogs will play...

I was gone for a few days for a work thing and Cassie got to hang out and babysit the dogs.  Looks like Skittles made himself right at home...and took a nap right on her!  I heard they were all well behaved while I was away and all had a good time. 

Cassie learned the importance of feeding the dogs in the right order (my dog, Sasha is used to getting her food first) and so there was a bit of an upset and free for all with all dogs gobbling up each others food and snarling during but once she got the routine down all was fine.   They got lots of play time and cuddles and kisses and I'm sure didn't miss me one bit!    Except maybe when she clipped their nails.  Skittles handled it like a champ but I hear Sammy was quite the drama queen about it.  But Thank You Cassie!  I appreciate it even if they don't. 

Skittles is starting to mellow and settle in.  Cassie got him and Sammy to even play a little tug.  Tonight, I even saw some running and playing between the two of them with Skittles starting the game.  It's nice to see Skittles start to feel comfortable and be able to share and interact.  And of course, Sammy is all in for a playmate at any time so he's a happy boy! 

you lookin' at me?
Cuddle time with his toy flea

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nibbling on Toys

Nibbling video - So Skittles has been playing with toys this week.  This is the first he has felt well and safe enough to start playing which is wonderful... it also turns about, he's a nibbler!  He just nibbles on the toys with his front teeth... Super cute... The video shows Sammy who got to gnaw on just one pink monkey leg and Skittles getting to nibble the rest of the monkey right next to each other...or kind of butt to butt... They were both very content!  the monkey...not so much :)

Cassie was busy making belly bands (bands for boy dogs to wear around their middle to keep from marking) this week and decided Skittles needed to model them all at once... He was so unhappy about it but he was pretty cute!

 Blurry picture but Sammy loves a game of tug!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Sun and Fun

 Skittles just hanging out, soaking up the rays and enjoying the 85+ degree weather....

 Sammy giving lots of kisses to my friends' daughter Mia - they had lots of fun together on Saturday...  He is really good with her.  Where is Skittles? - up on my lap while these two were doing the rolling around, giggling and kissing... :)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Farm Day!

Sammy and Skittles both got to go out to my friends farm today.... Sammy, who has been there before, did really great and seemed to enjoy all the sights and checking out the animals.  Skittles however, did not so much care for those noisy goats and sheep and just wanted to bark... It was however a beautiful day - afterward the farm and all that heat, they were thirsty and tired!

So the REAL reason I went to the farm was so we all see see baby piggies!  How cute are they?  The puppy dogs had to wait in a quiet place while we went and held the baby piglets!  Too cute - but OMG - LOUD!  Squeals and squeals and more squeals!  They were born just earlier this week and mom had 12 babies!

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Skittles, Sammy and Food Goodness

Cute little picture of Skittles in mid-bark trying to boss me around.  He likes to let out just one bark if he feels like you are ignoring him and he wants up on your lap.    Skittle is settling in well... He is also letting up on the resource guarding from other dogs (never with people) when it comes to his food and treats and is able to now eat outside of his crate and also in sight of other dogs without barking and growling and being more worried that someone will take his food than eat it!    Way to go little man!

Here is Sammy actually watching Skittles who has a bone that he is gnawing on... Can't you just see the want in poor Sammy's eyes?   Sammy was such a good boy and just waited until Skittles was done and then it was all his!!! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The New Neighborhood Watch!

 Love this picture of Sasha, my dog (left), Sammy (right) and then Skittles in the foreground looking all regal like he can't be bothered...  Sammy and Sasha have learned it's a great place to watch for birds (and the occasional cat sighting).  Skittles will figure it out sooner enough...

           Still Watching                                                           This way is more Skittles height!

Just a funny picture of Skittles who thought it would be better to go OVER my leg than under... He's got a cute little tushy so it's all good!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Dogs wearing hats!

A chew toy for a hat!

It's sometimes just to fun to make the puppies where silly things... Sammy was none to happy to wear his chew toy when he wasn't done playing with it... I thought it made a great headpiece and he looked pretty adorable!

I gave him lots of kisses to make up for it... after the proper amount of photos were taken!

apologizing to sammy for making him wear that silly thing

 Then I found this little wolf hat I had and thought...OMG.. I'm sure Skittles ears are cold!  He assured me they were not and he did not need to wear this hat! (but how cute is he?)

Then we tried it on Sammy...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Chew Time!

There is a special kind of calm zen that comes over the house well all three dogs got yummy new chews... Peace just rules the house as they all settled in their own spots and get their chew on...  See Chew Time!

Skittles, who is obviously new to the chew treats, was nervous and tried to hide his in the grass (though not very well), so I took him inside where he could find a spot out of sight of the other dogs.  Once there he was a happy dog!

Bright sun!

Yes, Skittles grabbed the cushion from the chair so he would have a comfortable spot to lie on!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Sammy has had his ears up for a couple of days now!

Usually Sammy likes to have one ear up and one down, but for the past two days - lift off!  both have been up all the time now... Super cute! 

It was super chilly and raining last night and this morning... Sammy didn't want to come out from under the covers..too cold!  Can't say I blame him one bit!

Catching some news...staying informed!

Skittles continues to settled in - he really likes to be held and be next to you as much as possible... Here he is mobbing the camera to try to get past it so I will pick him up... which was his reward for such a cute picture!