Thursday, May 24, 2012

We're in the Army now...

haha... Skittles love to what I call "army crawl" at various times of his choosing.  I had to get a video (though only a short one) of it before his neuter tomorrow, which I'm sure will put a damper on crawling for a bit...   Here it is...WARNING... it's pretty adorable... Skittles Army Crawl

 Skittles is doing well and each day becomes a little more playful with both Sammy and me.  Sometimes he is a little growly when he is up on the couch next to me or Cassie so we are making him get down when he does that and it is improving. As a matter of fact, both are sharing my lap as I type this.   Poor little guy, he just doesn't  want to give up a prime spot I think after not having good spots for so long .  Time and some positive correction will fix those growlies.  He loves to snuggle and sleep next to a person though he does well in his crate at night too (just a little whining in the beginning).   Tomorrow is his neuter but then I will be home for a three day weekend so he will get lots of TLC and will be back to his army crawling in no time!. 
Skittles cuteness

Sammy is enjoying having a more friendly dog (than my personal dog, Sasha) around and has been encouraging Skittles to play with him by being extra cute like wiggling on his back and giving him free ear cleanings.  :)  He also has found some dried slugs which he loves to roll on or bring in the house   - so far he has brought two of them in and was quite disappointed when I took them away.  I sure hope that was all that is out there cause he will find them if they are there!  It's fun to see Sammy lay like a frog (or pre-army crawl) which he does quite often.   I have also discovered that he loves the laser light!  OMG - goes crazy for it and will play chase with it for as long as you are willing to go (too hard to get a picture while I'm holding a laser light and it's dark so no pictures - yet at least). It sure is fun to watch him - I even got him to go into the wading pool and stick his head in chasing after it... (maybe a little mean, but i couldn't help it :)

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