Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rain Rain go Away (and slugs too!)

Poor Sammy and Sheldon - came home today after work and let the boys out... they were so excited to go outside and play in the sun like they've been doing for the past few days... and what do they get... rain rain and more rain!
Great pose Sheldon!
However, they did play and run around, burning some energy out when - what did they find?  A slug!  Both were fascinated by this little creature... Okay...Sammy took a lick and found out they don't taste so great...haha

And when I figured the slug had had enough (and Sammy was thinking about another taste test) - Cassie was kind enough to throw the new friend over the fence.

Sheldon was sad to see him go and Sammy missed the whole slug removal task so he couldn't figure out where his buddy went. 
Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and no more slugs will visit!

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