Saturday, April 7, 2012

Foster Updates

Sophie, now Laika is doing great... She was adopted last month and got a new furbrother named Boo and they happily play with each other and are just the best of friends.  She has settled in great with her new family and is just a joy. 
great action shot of Lakia! i think that ball is in trouble!

Boo and Laika playing
Simone, now called Sammy (ha, my new foster's name) - is doing great down in Oregon, living it up on a farm with lots of land to play...  She gets to go on walks and her furbrother Chester and her get along great.  She can be nervous of new things, but mom is taking is slow and Sammy is learning that new things don't have to be so scary!

and last, but not least - Indigo (Shelly), who was adopted last July!  Shelly is the dog who loved to jump in my bathtub full of water... She now gets to go boating and swimming and is doing great with her new family.  She's gotten over her fear of car rides and while her and the family cat tolerate each other..her best friend is a family's friends' cat named Button and she gets to go have play dates with Button the cat.  (too cute)...
growin' up!

Indigo with an antler!

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