Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dreaming!

Both dogs got baths this weekend - Sheldon did great at it and ran around like a maniac afterward - Sammy whined afterward like it was the worst thing ever, but he was really good during the bath (just being drama-like I think).  They also got nail clippings by Cassie and other than having to distract them a bit - they both did really well during that and weren't at all bothered by it.

Sheldon is totally house trained and has got the doggie door down pat.  He loves to run after the tennis ball (and anything else you throw) and so Cassie worked with him on bringing it back and 'drop it' and he's doing great and it's a great way to burn up his energy.  He gets excited to go outside to play and his whole body wiggles with excitement.  

Sammy is still pretty mellow, content to chew on bones and play some tug with a rope.  He loves head scratches and I think you could do it all day and he would let you.  We are working on his house training and it's coming along - he's figured out he gets treats when he goes outside but not the why yet... Cassie took him over to visit her cats and he was kind of nervous and stalky of them - I think he's not sure what to make of them.    His skin infection on his face is doing much better and looking good :)

Lots of pictures of them sleeping - easiest pictures since they are being still!

 Sheldon found himself an Easter sunspot and was quite content and passed out quite quick from the warm rays

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