Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Trouble at the pet store

Sheldon with crazy flash eyes - hiding out in the dog toy box... best place in the house!

The two boys actually did pretty great at the pet store... Polite, interested, not too overwhelmed, not worried about other dogs but not too friendly with them either.  Sheldon was right at home and went right to people when they asked to pet him.  He was more than up for it and gave one woman kisses... Sammy was a bit more reserved and I think was not feeling well after the car trip - he got sick on the way home... I think he was worried about being a car again after his long transport and hasn't figure out that going in cars are fun times, not scary times!   He did fine though and I think we will take him again soon.  Maybe not after eating though :)
what do i want?  so many choices!

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