Monday, April 30, 2012

See Spot Run

Took the boys to the Humane Society See Spot Run race/walk. While a little nervous at first, both Sammy and Sheldon did really well. They met lots of other dogs and were super polite and had good dog manners and really enjoyed meeting all the people that were there! They were really quite cute. 

Both dogs really enjoyed rolling around in the grass over and over - they were quite the little show offs! They also were quite smitten with two little adorable girls and took turns visiting with them for belly scratches and kisses!

They were exhausted from all the fun and slept good last night!

Sammy almost rolled up his leash around his body!
happy dog!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Rain Rain go Away (and slugs too!)

Poor Sammy and Sheldon - came home today after work and let the boys out... they were so excited to go outside and play in the sun like they've been doing for the past few days... and what do they get... rain rain and more rain!
Great pose Sheldon!
However, they did play and run around, burning some energy out when - what did they find?  A slug!  Both were fascinated by this little creature... Okay...Sammy took a lick and found out they don't taste so great...haha

And when I figured the slug had had enough (and Sammy was thinking about another taste test) - Cassie was kind enough to throw the new friend over the fence.

Sheldon was sad to see him go and Sammy missed the whole slug removal task so he couldn't figure out where his buddy went. 
Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow and no more slugs will visit!

Sunday, April 22, 2012


Lazy Sunday's...

Spring Fever...

Sheldon and Sammy had fun today... We went to Kissel park for a friends birthday party... The boys got to meet lots of kids and while nervous at first, by the end of it, they were running around, accepting pets and belly scratches from anyone willing to give them one!  Emery - a big dog they have met before was there too - so they got to play and Sammy exchanged a couple of kisses with him even!  Sammy also met a little dog and enjoyed strutting his stuff and kicking grass to impress her.. (didn't work)....

Sheldon making himself at home at Pet Pantry

Then off to the Pet Pantry to explore a pet store and check out the toys... Sheldon made himself right at home.  Found a 19 squeeker toy that he promptly claimed, jumped on a bed and proceeded to squeek it to death... so I had to buy it for him... Sammy got a blue squeeker toy too, but honestly, he preferred chewing the paper label than the toy itself... We will see how it goes...
Sheldon was kind enough to share a leg of his new toy with Sammy

Sammy was a bit more reserved but still enjoyed checking things out and saying hi to all the people in the store... The good news is with all the car driving and going to different places- Sammy didn't get sick at all, so he is getting less nervous! 
Such a pretty boy!
 After a busy day, they are home, exhausted and sleepy....

nap time!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kamikazi Box Jumping

So little Sheldon likes to lay in the toy box, but we found he like to jump in all kinds of boxes and check them out - he will even "lose" his tennis ball in the fabric box on purpose so he can jump in and find it!  It probably helps that it was a box full of fabricy softy goodness that was all sorts of fun ....

Sheldon's favorite new spot!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Hearts & Coffee

Doesn't it look like Sheldon has an upside down heart on his side?  I think so!
And Sammy likes coffee! (it was practically empty so I snapped a picture)

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Both dogs went over to my friends house a few days ago to meet her German Shepard's and a neighbors dog, Emery... Sheldon did great, having already met Emery and played well.. .Sammy took some warm up time but finally joined in.  They also got to explore a new yard and had a lot of fun checking out the new digs.   There was also a cat there (called Black Cat, very dog savy cat), and Sheldon tried to get him to play, jumping around, but a short swat to nose by black cat and Sheldon quit trying... Sammy knew better and hung back from that...

Sammy meeting Emery - all pictures were blurry
 I put Sammy in a belly band - just in case of a potty accident - lots of animals, new place and she just had her carpets cleaned - if you are wondering what the green diaper is on him
how bad does Sheldon want some popcorn??
 Nice weekend here with some good sun, so both Sammy and Sheldon were out and soaking up the rays....
enjoying the sun

of course Sheldon chose the dirty wading pool to lay in!
so i brought out the doggie beds....

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Sammy is doing really great - more energy,  hardly any cough left and his face is really healing up.   When he gets up in the morning - he runs outside doing little hoppity hops that he just started doing this week so he must be feeling better!

He is really good in the crate - patiently waiting until I wake up.  He knows how to sit and now I've been working on him with spin which I'm sure he will get in no time.    He gets along good with the other dogs - just a few warning growls here and there.  The other night (see picture below), all three dogs (mine included which was suprising) were taking turns on chewing an antler.  One would finish and walk away, and the next one would run up and chew for a bit - and round and round they went. 

The two boys actually played tugged together until Sasha (the fun sponge) came up and stopped them... wahhh.. it was so cute!

Sheldon wanting to know when it's gonna be his turn

let me pee in peace!

just being cute!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

All You Need is Love...

these two love to spoon!
Great video of the two boys gently playing with other - Sheldon and Sammy - which then they promptly snuggled up and feel asleep with each other... oh and they both SNORE!!   Okay, not all the time, but sometimes and it's super cute snoring.... i promise.. :)

Sheldon loves him some tennis balls

Sheldon is so smart!  He knows how to sit, drop it and is learning lay down.  He is getting so good at bringing the ball back and dropping it when Cassie plays with him - very treat motivated and tennis ball motivated (i think equally), as you can see by these pictures...

He has defuzzed many tennis balls but still loves them and just chomps on them all the time (which is great, cause he has 3 or 4 of them to choose from).  He also chases them and will play with them with you (doing skids across the tile - so funny) and he also plays with them by himself and throws them in the air and then chases them... Quite hysterical to watch. 

photos by Cassie :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Trouble at the pet store

Sheldon with crazy flash eyes - hiding out in the dog toy box... best place in the house!

The two boys actually did pretty great at the pet store... Polite, interested, not too overwhelmed, not worried about other dogs but not too friendly with them either.  Sheldon was right at home and went right to people when they asked to pet him.  He was more than up for it and gave one woman kisses... Sammy was a bit more reserved and I think was not feeling well after the car trip - he got sick on the way home... I think he was worried about being a car again after his long transport and hasn't figure out that going in cars are fun times, not scary times!   He did fine though and I think we will take him again soon.  Maybe not after eating though :)
what do i want?  so many choices!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Dreaming!

Both dogs got baths this weekend - Sheldon did great at it and ran around like a maniac afterward - Sammy whined afterward like it was the worst thing ever, but he was really good during the bath (just being drama-like I think).  They also got nail clippings by Cassie and other than having to distract them a bit - they both did really well during that and weren't at all bothered by it.

Sheldon is totally house trained and has got the doggie door down pat.  He loves to run after the tennis ball (and anything else you throw) and so Cassie worked with him on bringing it back and 'drop it' and he's doing great and it's a great way to burn up his energy.  He gets excited to go outside to play and his whole body wiggles with excitement.  

Sammy is still pretty mellow, content to chew on bones and play some tug with a rope.  He loves head scratches and I think you could do it all day and he would let you.  We are working on his house training and it's coming along - he's figured out he gets treats when he goes outside but not the why yet... Cassie took him over to visit her cats and he was kind of nervous and stalky of them - I think he's not sure what to make of them.    His skin infection on his face is doing much better and looking good :)

Lots of pictures of them sleeping - easiest pictures since they are being still!

 Sheldon found himself an Easter sunspot and was quite content and passed out quite quick from the warm rays