Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sheldon's here....

Another cutie arrived today... His name is Sheldon, about 11 lbs, black, brown and white with a sorta fluffy tail... Totally cute!  He had a long trip - came from California, arrived in Western Washington and then brought to Cle Elum and then onto Yakima...

Busy day and he is a tired little boy - crashed out already after a bath, food, potty break and some checking out his new digs.  Had an awesome meet and greet with my dog Sasha, with only 1 small growl from Sasha to let him know to quit checking out her business...  He is a little nervous, but very inquisitive and curious to his new surroundings...  Hard to take pictures of him tonight - it's either too dark or he mobs the camera!  He does know how to sit for treats! (and stand and beg and anything else he thinks might work)

 Can wait to get to know this little boy better!





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