Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Springtime Playdate!

Cassie messing with Sheldon - but I love the pose of his front paws!
 Took Sheldon over to my friends house for a playdate with Emery, a beautiful 3 year old Weimaraner.  Oh boy was Sheldon scared!  Probably didn't help that Emery (who is a LOT bigger) ran right over to him and got in his face (being friendly actually, she's unaware of her size being scary to anyone).  He actually growled and air snapped a few times at her.  First time I've seen any kind of aggression out of him but who could blame him - scary stuff getting all in his business and he was trying to let her know - she just wasn't listening.

After some holding back of Emery and reassurances to Sheldon - and oh my god - a tennis ball!... off they went - BFF's - stealing the ball back and forth, running around and chasing each other and the ball and lots of skidding across the tile.   My other friend brought her two sweet german shepherds too - and all was good - lots of sniffing and checking out the butts - all was friendly.  And tennis ball chasing had by all!   It was a good, energy burn, play date for Sheldon!  Big dogs aren't always so scary!
huge size difference but the love of a tennis ball is the same

sheldon found a sneaky way to try to get the ball first

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Destuffing, Defurring, Defuzzing - Oh My!

Little Sheldon is feeling good... He got his stitches out today and a bath and is proceeding to recheck all the toys to see if there is any he can destuff today... He's been really quite active running from room to room, outside, playing etc... Nothing better than no stitches, no more cone and being clean and smelling good (or like lavender and mint in his case).   

why this stuffed animal is smiling i don't know... he must not know what's coming... 
He also found an old tennis ball that has a huge hole in it and was partly defuzzed from a previous foster (umm... Suzie) and just defuzzed the whole thing in about 5 seconds...i had no idea that's what a tennis ball looks like naked!  He still loves it, chews on it and plays with it - so all is good and bright green fuzz is easy to see to pick up off the carpet!  He's not into eating it - just spits it out thankfully.   This will be his new #1 toy I think  -  he's kind of made it his :)  Here is a video of the him and his new BFF:   Tennis Ball - Defuzzed

Tomorrow is microchip day... so just a quick tiny pinch and he'll be all good to go.  He will also get to meet a big dog tomorrow who is just a sweetheart and loves to play so let's hope for a fun play date!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Weekend Fun!

Sheldon's had a fun few days - hanging out with my daughter at her place and visiting the cats!  He has gotten over his fear and now wants to be friends - however, Pumpkin does not share those feelings...

some ear licking to show he's a friendly dog!

the ear licking didn't really earn him too many points!!

House training is coming along nicely and he's starting the fake - "I went out the door so I must have gone potty - give me a treat"  phase.   He's pretty quiet - not much of a barker at all.  He loves playing with toys - he will play by himself or fetch.  He still gets a little worried if we move too fast at him and he will go belly up but it's less now that he's been here a while.  He likes riding in the car, going places and meeting people - he is a super friendly dog and pretty trusting. 

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Not The Cone!

Sheldon earned himself a cone - he just can't seem to leave his stitches alone... after a few hours of pouting - he is bouncing back and playing like his normal self... He can grab Toggles, the monkey, through him up in the air and (try) to catch him... He even came inside through the doggie door.   He should be deconed in a few days once we get some non-licking healing done...

i snuck up on him to get this picture.. think he is worried I'm going to take his toy away

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Making friends...

Look who Sheldon met yesterday?    My daughter lives right in front of a place that has a horse and she visits regularly so she took him over to "Neighbor Horse" (she has to really find out her name)... Sheldon also got to meet Cassie and her roommate's cats... he's kind of scared of them and stayed pretty clear of them.

Today was the good ol' neuter day... Sheldon is currently resting and doing a little bit of whining - who wouldn't really?  He did great at the vet and was quite the star... he greeted everyone and tried to give kisses to everyone he met... The staff fell a little bit in love with him ... He is getting the king treatment at home - I carry his bed from room to room wherever I go so he won't jump down off of anything and follow me and hurt himself...

poor little guy...
Update on Panda - 
He has been repaired... he is a pretty crazy looking panda now... And he's been put away to save him from further destuffing... We will use him maybe just for playing fetch in the house and keep a close eye on him!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Poor Panda!!!

Sad new to report - the panda toy (that's been around since the summer) finally met his match in Sheldon!  I knew he was playing too contently and too long right outside my door and it turns out he was busy destuffing poor Panda!  I had to search for the unstuffed Panda which was found in the kitchen...   You were/are a good toy Panda - I will try to restuff you!

is he saying neener neener?

busy working on the next toy!
He has had a good day... lots of play and busy figuring out the doggie door.  He did have an accident by the doggie door, but he's have it figured out in no time... He's an independent little thing - likes to wander off, so I've leashed him so i can keep him closer to me until he is completely house-trained... It is nice to see him getting more comfortable... We played some chase today - when he's excited, his whole body wags, not just his tail!  I also have yet to hear a bark out of him even when my dog is barking up a storm...  He loves chewing... toys and bones and he's a happy boy. 

i think he looks good in his pink collar!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sheldon's here....

Another cutie arrived today... His name is Sheldon, about 11 lbs, black, brown and white with a sorta fluffy tail... Totally cute!  He had a long trip - came from California, arrived in Western Washington and then brought to Cle Elum and then onto Yakima...

Busy day and he is a tired little boy - crashed out already after a bath, food, potty break and some checking out his new digs.  Had an awesome meet and greet with my dog Sasha, with only 1 small growl from Sasha to let him know to quit checking out her business...  He is a little nervous, but very inquisitive and curious to his new surroundings...  Hard to take pictures of him tonight - it's either too dark or he mobs the camera!  He does know how to sit for treats! (and stand and beg and anything else he thinks might work)

 Can wait to get to know this little boy better!





Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I'm Adopted!

Well, it's already happened... Sophie has found herself a new home with her very own people and a dog-sibling named Boo.  We meet up with them this past weekend and Sophie and Boo got along great... I will miss this little spunky girl but she is in for a great life... She will be heading home on Thursday...

the panda seems to be favorite for all the foster - poor thing....he's really had it ruff :)
Stay tuned... new dog arriving on Saturday!!!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sophie hitting the town

Sophie has had a busy couple of days... Off to the vet on Friday for a heartworm test... She was nervous and then very drama queen-like and squirmy for her blood draw... Not a happy camper at the vet...

waiting at the vet is nerve-wracking!
Today she was off to a farm Tieton Farm and Creamery where we were invited to see their new baby animals and get some yummy goat cheese.  Sophie only got about 1 minute out there... all the animal scared her and she was doing alot of barking... Sadly she had to wait in the car as we finished our visit...

However, later in the day, she had a meet and greet with an adopter and family and their little dog Boo - after a few minutes of "I'm not sure about you - well, neither am I, growl growl" - off they went a-playing... They seemed to really like each other and really wanted to play... It was hard to do because we had them both on leashes but they managed just fine...

She is now one tired little puppy after today!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

too cute!

how she looks at you if you crow like a rooster!
                                             How can you not love this face!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chasing Tennis Balls!

Sophie loves to chase the tennis ball and I think she could do it all day!   She mostly brings it back though sometimes she plays with it by herself or gets busy chewing on it... Her and Sasha (my dog) had a pretty good time seeing who could get the ball first!

Sophie with the tennis ball (video)

intense little look on her face as she chews the tennis ball!



I dare you...

dog dared!

Goodbye to Simone and Welcome Sophie!

Simone went home on Sunday with her new mom... She is settling in well and learning the routine... She will be getting lots of walks and has a new dog sibling Chester that she is quickly becoming best buds with and loves to play tug with.  Yeah for Simone!

and now a new little bundle of rat terrier goodness.. Sophie!  She is itty bitty - about 11 lbs and full of busy energy checking out her new foster home.... She is funny... .as she was walking around - her tail would catch her eye and she would do a quick spin to catch it (and miss) and then continue on her walk... She loves attention and cuddles and also playing fetch... I'm sure I will have much to report on this charming little girl in the coming days...

for me?  drool

whatcha doing?


Friday, March 2, 2012

I'm Adopted!

Simone has been adopted and now has a person of her very own!  Yeah for her!  She will be heading to her furever home in Oregon on Sunday.  Way to go Simone!