Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year!

7 foster dogs came through my house this year...  
My second year as a NR foster parent so I made this poster collage for my wall...

Simone (bottom middle) who was my first of the year after a break, full of 6 month old puppyness, she found joy in our first snow of the season.. She also liked to sleep butt higher than the rest of her... I didn't have her for very long but she was a sweet and fun and a great welcome back to the world of fostering- now living life as Sammy in Oregon

Sophie (bottom second from the right), little tiny thing, lover of all tennis balls, she was funny and goofy and just adorable with her little head tilts. She also would see her tail out of the corner of her eye and chase it like a maniac She is now Lakia living down in the TriCities with her fur sibling who she just loved at first sight!

Sheldon (upper left), oh Sheldon, easy going happy little boy, he could escape out of any crate you didn't triple lock, however - would jump in a box of anything whether is be toys or fabric or just empty needing a dog to be in it!  He is now on the westside with great parents. 

Sammy (upper middle) Sammy will always have a extra special place in my heart, first time with two foster dogs at once, he just made it so worth it,,  he was a just a blessing... scared and sick when he came to me, I watch him bloom over the many months he was in my care...from skin infection to completely healthy, from droppey ears to erect confident ears... now he is Jake and he has a great home (and recently a new fur sibling) with wonderful parents in eastern wa who are continuing to bring out the very best in him and love him to pieces - all I could ask for!

Skittles (upper left) was in my care for a few months, so nervous, underweight and malnourished, once comfortable we were treated to his daily army crawling around the house.  heartbreaking how anxious he was when he first got a bully stick,  just wanting to hide it and then the joy of watching him become comfortable enough to settle in for good chew... He is now with a great mom in western wa who spoils him rotten but also working with him on some of his fear issues. 

Shorty, (lower left) I didn't have for long either, but he was love bug, nervous but willing to try new experiences and meet new people and meet other dogs!.. He loved going out and around the town and just was curious about everything - he is now Solo and is part of a family in western wa, with human brothers and he gets to meet and play with lots of other dogs.

Silver, (bottom right), still in my care, so nervous and skittish, we founds that she had her ears plugged up with ickyness and couldn't hear very well.. she continues her journey in coming out of her shell and learning that life isn't so scary... I am sure there will be good things in store for her in the coming year!

As year two as a New Rattitude foster parent comes to a close, I'm so happy for all the now former fosters finding their homes and wish for them warmth and joy and good bones to chew!  I'm excited for the new year and all the new beginnings I get to be a part of...

People often say they couldn't foster because it's too hard.. it's not that it isn't hard sometimes to let go and these little ratties don't get in your heart to different degrees, but what other way could you be part of seeing so many dogs get a new chance at life, to have them in your home, scared and nervous and to see them gain confidence and trust and be happy,  to see them go to great homes and then to hear the wonderful updates that just make your day..or even week...   If you are thinking about it... try it.. the payoff is worth it.. :)  Okay... enough that's enough sappiness to take me well into 2013 I think!  Time to celebrate!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Meetin' & Greetin' on the Weekend

Silver came up with me today to meet Chevette and help me bring her to Yakima to meet her new parents...Silver did great, a little whine now and again to let me know she was in the crate in the backseat, but other than that, she settled down and enjoyed the ride...She also did good meeting the other dogs and foster parents - and while chilly, both dogs really enjoyed the snow!

 Silver also went to a pet store this weekend just to see how she would do... She did great - very curious about other dogs and enjoyed exchanging sniffs!  She accepted pets from people and even a little boy who was very respectful and gently pet her while I held her in my lap.  Also much more easy on the leash and no problems with walking or following me through the store.  No potty accidents either! 

  I also found a ball that I thought she might like... a soft and squishy ball rather than a tennis ball... She totally loves it!  Chased it all over the house!  Chewed it, shook it, all kinds of rattie fun!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Up and Away...

Look at this... A sorta up ear... She's laying down, but still... those ears must feel better!  I'm pretty sure she will always have dropped ears, but this was a new sight last night and she did it a few times in her sleep.... plus once it lifted while she was playing too... it's just the left ear going up....for now....

She also is starting to cozy up to my daughter Cassie - took a nap with her and played with her and being a little more trusting...   And tonight when I got home... it was all little jumps, wiggles and spins, she was so happy to see me.  I think she enjoys cleaned up ears!    

We having practiced sit and she's a pro at it so we will be moving on to new things.  I've also been playing with some different toys with her... She liked to chew on things... so I'm going to work on finding her a toy that she really likes.  She watches Sasha play fetch but doesn't really know what do to but I think she would really like it and she does enjoy the occasional taste test of a tennis ball which is a plus for fetching I think.


My last three fosters are doing great as they settle in with their new family.  Skittles visited family with his mom and did great in the new surroundings...  Shorty (Solo) is getting acquainted with his family and new routine and gets to go walking and visiting Mingus and they are good friends.  Jake (Sammy) got spoiled at Christmas with lots of toys and clothes and the presents aren't stopping there... I hear he's got another present coming for the new year!  A fur Sister for Jake!

Skittles or as I think he should be named - Skittleclaus!

Here is Shorty now Solo with NR alum Mingus - bffs?
Dapper Jake (formally Sammy) looking as handsome as ever!

I wish for all my former foster dogs the bestest holidays and 2013 and onward.   How different their lives are now they have their families and are safe, sound. and loved.. Best present a New Rattitude foster mom could have! 

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Snow Bunny

 Silver sure enjoys the snow... Not so much snow on the head (Cassie did it) but she goes out and plays, potties and just checks it out... She seemed happy when we got some fresh snow for her to run around and play in.  Nice to see this little California dog taking the cold weather and snow in stride!
Silver also had a vet check today - I was a little bothered by her hearing or lack of...turns out her ears were all filled up of icky ear gunk... She is a much happy girl with some clean and 100% hearing ears... She walked much better on the leash today, getting out the car, walking in to the vet with no problem (until she got to the exam room and then she was like "Nuh Uh" and of course more than happy to walk out of there and back into the crate in the car.... She seems more confident and happy already... Oh and now gives me dirty looks if I sneeze while she is sleeping - geesh! 
Silver at the vet's office

Monday, December 24, 2012

Naughty or nice!?

Silver must be getting comfortable because she's getting a little naughty and right at Christmas time too!... She's doing some jumping on tables but she listens very well when when i tell her to get down along with a down hand motion... Nice tries little one!

I'm not sure what Sasha is more annoyed at, that Silver is too close to the remote (her favorite thing to lay on) or that Silver is attempting to snuggle up to her... maybe a combination of both... Silver is so nice and sweet though...she just keeps working on Sasha to love her... I think its working a little bit... Sasha just needs some holiday spirit!

Silver went over to my friends and met Sheriff and Sadie tonight... She did super... actually better than I expected... A little time on my lap but then she was off and hangng out with the big dogs... She met a cat and was fine... She took pets from everyone from their 7 year old daughter to hanging out with Nate when the activity in the dining room was a little too much for her.  She didn't let anyone hold her - too nervous for that, but super curious and interested and wanting to be part of the action. Way to go!

I think they are all hoping for treats!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Yarn and Atlers oh my!

I see you!  Silver is becoming quite the photo mobber when I get the camera out...  She's continues to get more trusting of us everyday and continues to come out of her shell a little bit with each passing day...

Last night she found joy in yarn... we let her cause she was just so happy and enjoying herself... see the video here - Silver plays with yarn

And she found the antler too!  Yummm Yummm!

She has also figured out the doggie door and is using it on her own... Other than one accident in her crate on day two, she is showing herself to be house trained...  

Friday, December 21, 2012

Sleep Sack Are Fun!

I made some sleep sacks and as I suspected, Silver likes them!  She gets all warm and cozy in there and does some nibbling on the inside lining... She is a bit of a nibbler on toys and a chewer.  She did nibble on a cord on my hair straighter after she got wrapped around it and did some chewing of a leash, so I have to kind of keep an eye on what's she's chewing on while she learns what toys are and what they are not!  She also loves loves the fringe on a little rug I have, though she plays with the entire rug, rather than chewing the fringe off...

 Now when either I or Cassie get home, she greets us by doing some running and spinning around... I admit, it's pretty darn cute.  She also has the doggie door down and is using it on her own. 

 Silver continues to get more trusting of us... Still a little skittish if we move too fast, but last night she played with the rug, played with the sleep sack, rolled around, went belly up and squirmed around without a care in the word, she was just having fun.   Then she came to me for some play and yeah, it took a few days but it was fun to play with her!!!

Oh, and she's very curious about the dog in the mirror... she even nosed that dog a couple of times, but just can't seem to make it go away ;) Licking it doesn't work either she has discovered...

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Burrito Snuggles

We volcanoed Skittles, a previous foster , but we found that Silver likes to be wrapped up like a burrito!  It seems to relax her and make her feel a bit safer...And she's fun to carrying around like that.   She also likes to snuggle under the blankets... She hasn't figured out the sleep sack yet, but give her time... (and I'll get pictures)

She is coming along... She's starting to give us kisses and letting us pick her up... She even napped in my lap yesterday.  Today she did some rattie zoomies in front of Sasha to show her how cute she is and worth playing with.  And she was pretty cute though Sasha wasn't sure what this crazy puppy was doing and choose to keep an eye on her from up high....  (sigh...)

We are doing daily walks to get her more comfortable on the leash... and it's going..well.. it's going...  Small walks with encouragement and treats... She nervous on the walks and doesn't really want to go, but I'm hopeful once she gets familiar with the block's sights and sounds that it will get easier for her and she will enjoy the sight-seeing!

Lots of changes and new things wears a puppy out!

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Wishes for Silver...

Silver is getting a little more trusting of us... She's still a little bit skittish and nervous, but she follows us around..well, like a puppy dog!  She follows Sasha around too.  She's starting to come up to us for treats and pets.  And she's resting closer and closer to us... I'm sure we will have her snuggling in no time.  She's got the prettiest markings - and I think her black spots on the back look like little angels wings..don't you?

Bully stick for a treat and it was good to see her happy and chewing... She is quiet as a mouse in her crate at night, waiting for me to get up - then breakfast and out to potty.   She's so serious usually around us as she takes in her surroundings..She needs lots of joy, which we are going to work on giving her!  It's my Christmas present to her and helping finding her a wonderful home to feel loved and safe and where she can play all she wants and enjoys snuggles and kisses..

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Who Loves SNOW????

Silver is loving the SNOW!  Running and jumping, sticking her face in it... Nice to see how energetic she can be.  She jumps and hops all over - she even tried to get Sasha to play (Sasha declined, bummer)...

Here is a video of her playing ---->  Silver Loves SNOW

She didn't do well on the leash - too nervous, too unsure of where she is going... Cassie ended up carrying her back...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Silver is here...

So Silver has arrived... She's is pretty nervous and scared and not feeling super well right now.  After a stressful trip up from California, over night in Western Washington and then a ride up the mountains to be handed over to me - she finally made it to Yakima at 1pm today.  Quick trip to the vet, a bath, some food and water and she is exhausted and probably wanting to know what is going to happen next!

The meet and greet with Sasha went well, and the potty trips out in the SNOW, she did pretty good out there.  She keeps sitting in the snow, but she seems to go okay with the coldness.  Now she is sleeping in a little doggie bed all warm and cozy.   I saw the tiniest big of play in the snow, the result being snow in her face and she's a goofy runner.... Can not wait for here to feel better and relax, knowing she is safe.