Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spryo Update....

So Spyro is recovering well from his neuter and starting to play and get a little more active.  He chases tennis balls and loves the little round panda toy - .   He is doing well with my dog Sasha and is a good listener when he gets into her space and so far isn't interested in my cat at all.

Housetraining has begun - poor little guy, he's so skinny, no extra fat on him at all (only 7 lbs 9 oz) and he has to go outside to potty and last night it was 19 degrees!  He has learned the doggie dog least to come in and get away from the cold!  I have to close the screen so he can't run back in before he's done.  He has no idea yet why he has to go out there, but the lightbulb will go off soon...  I've learned to pick him up from his crate in the morning and when I get home, rather than let him walk outside so he isn't able to "pit stop" on the way outside... :)

He does well in the crate, sleeps quite in there and even lets me put him in there while I do some housework....  he also loves the doggie bed and if I just bring it out into my craft room, he will curl up on it and let me make some owls crafts, which is nice.   No acccidents in the crate either. 

He does howl a bit when he hears things outside... I was with my dad yesterday outside working on a car issue and he has a little tiny howl and he kept up for about 20 minutes before settling... However, he's quiet when I'm at home and he's quite when I leave... I just think he could hear us there and wanted in on the action! 

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